So it's been a while... Hmm



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Ok so, I don't get a chance to use my cousin's laptop very often (I need to get my own, SOON) But Last time I registered for iwaku a was quite a few months ago. And it seems my account was not active enough to keep on the registry. Soooo... NEW ACCOUNT!

Oh, by the way, hate me for liking ponies if you want. I get enough of the from my coworkers, so I won't really care if people I've never met get on my case for it.

Anyway, I'm an old, OOOLLLDDD user of iwaku, back when it was still run by Gabriel Zero, so don't give me any "You're new here, screw you" Crap. Ahh but what am I explaining myself for huh? We're here to have fun, right?

Oh, by the way, I'm drunk a lot. like right now.

Sooooooo.... Hi. I like Cheeseburgers.
Well you certainly aren't making this any fun? How can I rip on you if you're expecting it? You have denied me my only joy in life, you monster.

Care to share you old username(s)?

Also Hi, staff member blah blah blah I'm here to answer your questions.

You don't happen to play paranoia do you?
Nah I'm not into MMOs or computer games really. And the only usernames I've ever used have been Grim Reaper, Zeloreon, and I think that's it. If there were others some of the other old users would know, but I can't think of them at the moment.
Not sure if you remember me, Zel. But I remember you.

Anyway. Welcome back! Lookit the pretty pony~
Oh yes I remember you. To an extent. We never really had any in-depth conversations but I recognize your name from having seen it around the forum all the time. You were a mod way back when too weren't you?

Or did we have any in-depth conversations? I can't honestly remember. My brain can't reach all the way back to high school... T_T

My memory might not be the greatest but i remember enough to get me by.



Its actually a pen a paper rpg system I'm trying to run and need one more player for.

I'll take your answer as a no.
I'm in the same boat as Fluffy.
I was there.
Often hiding behind Homac, at that time.
But I'm sure we spoke once or twice.
Welcome back around here. If you've any questions, please ask.
Didn't we ban you?

OH-HO-HO-HE-HE-HE, I don't remember. Welcome to Iwaku newb, screw you and....enjoy yourself with some fun!
Oh, by the way, I'm drunk a lot. like right now.

No judgments here. I too have had late night drunken urges to call Iwaku.

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-Giggles.- Yes! A new one to toy with. -Rubs her hands together.-

Welcome to IWAKU. Unlike me, I haven't joined any role plays yet. I'm thinking I might start a blog... I don't know. I really dislike blogs. It's like the whole drama fest of shit happening in your life where everyone is all like. "Awwe. I feel so bad for you." Sorry, I'm rambling.

Again, welcome.
Hello. I don't know you either. Yay newbie and so forth.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Well, at least you remember me. Impressive. XD

I don't really remember if we had many convos... My memory is fuzzy, too. I know we talked once or twice, though. Like Kitti, I didn't socialize a whole lot with people during that time, even when I was a staffu.
If I remember correctly, you're that dude that posted on the mature boards ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Cookie Monster, rite?
Yes. The Monster of Cookieness.

He made one post in the Mythos. I liked him.

Then he became an emo Insanity-lurker. I hated him.

Now he's missed everything and likes ponies.

He is dead to me.

*drops a rose into the lake and watches it float away beneath the mist*
I think I might remember you. If we ever met, it was back when I was Mabushii. Anywho, welcome back! Many things have indeed changed, including the addition of Table-Top-esque RPs! Speaking of which I am in charge of the group here that handles Table-Top gaming in general, known as Table-Top Tyrants, or T3. Stop by and check us out sometime.

On a slightly different note, your avatar has reminded me of Seiji and his Pony Marines.
Welcome back to the site.
I used to call you Zelos, didn't I? I think I remember you telling me you're not a girly man so it doesn't fit. XDD