So it seems there's water on the moon...

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...or at least, that's what google's saying now. Haven't read any articles, but I wonder just how that's significant.
I mean, there's water on mars, isn't there? It's just all frozen. And "water" doesn't mean all those other necessary things for life are present, such as "an atompshere".
Well, that only reinforces my questionment of its significance...
It nowhere near as big as the media are saying it is, it just means that future colonies will be able to filter it out and get small anounts of water. Its all trapped in rocks.

EDIT: run if water forms on the moon from nothing but rock and solar wind it means there are better chances of life on other planets.
When we drink the water we shall turn into moon monsters and from there the infection shall consume the world.'s as likely a possibility as anything else eh?
Hmmm, I think I'm going to stand behind Jack's theory.
Yezzz, intriguing indeed!

Lulz MOOn MONSTERS!!! hellz yea
True the fact that there is something close to or is water on the moon is kind of a uninteresting fact but it is a fact. Bringing that to our attention, that is what some of their jobs are at those research facilities. Personally I believe they did a good job and deserve some credit as I do not have the ability to be able to tell anyone such details backed with proof.

Now maybe it isn't space monsters, aliens, or a squirrel with a gun, but what it is, is something we did not know before but can detect now. Let us rejoice in our technological advancement. It is after all, a step closer to laser beams.
Pirgeth, you just pulled one of the best deadpan punchlines I've ever seen.

Water on the moon. Micro-organisms on mars. I just pray I'm still alive when technology is far enough advanced to find fully developed "beings" on other planets.
In fifty years they'll discover there was a sentient race on Neptune all along...we just need to 'sense' them first.

God knows they know we're here at this rate.
play red alert 2: Yuri's revenge.

play the moon mission.

do it now.

all of you.
I doubt an "atompshere" would be present on any planet with life.

Water on the moon just means that there was a backup plan for us humans all along.
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