so im sort of nervous this is my first time posting here...

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  1. id really like to try some new rps im pretty much up for anything i just have a huge fear of zombies but moatly anything gose with me looking for mxf and fxf or both i dont mind....someone please save me from the bordem <3
  2. Sure...any specific plot idea in mind?
  3. this will sound very desperate but im so bored anything is fine if you have an idea you have wanted to try im more then happy to add my own bit to it just pm me the details if you dont mind im still quite shy about open mature rps -^.^-
  4. still accepting partners for rp ideas -^.^-
  5. How about two college students locked inside a classroom for a weekend? MxF with me being the M if possible ;)
  6. sounds like fun pm if you wouldnt mind please -^.^-
  7. low phone battery ill respond soon sorry! ^.^
  8. No worries, it's 3AM here so i'll be going to bed soon anyway ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.