So I'm one of those Members...

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  1. That disappears and then comes back a few months later. :B
    Anyone else ever do this? Go through periods where you REALLY REALLY REALLY GOTTA SUPER RP, but then you burn yourself out for a long while and then pop back in again?

    This has happened to me here on Iwaku like, 3 times. DX I really need to get back in the groove and stick around some. On the other hand, these site changes are pretty awesome. Still stumbling around getting used to it.
  2. HI JESTER! 8D

    No never. ....Well okay, yes, I think I have burned myself out on RP before, but it's not really the rp that burns me out but life in general. o___o So I end up taking a week off the internet to do nothing but watch TV or read books.
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  3. XD Hi Diana!

    I do other stuff in between. Like paint. I got better as you can see. <-- But aside from that, I RP very rarely, even with my own bf. Which is interesting, because in the last year, our RP has gotten about 200 pages in Word. XD I just wait long periods sometimes. On the other hand, when I'm in a real mood for it, I can post almost 10 pages at a time. Or on Iwaku, two pages worth of posts in one day if folks are online and fast at the time.

    AND LOL you should be around!! You're the Admin! XD
  4. My months of not being on comes from when classes get out. My only computer access is on campus, so over the summer and winter breaks I'm totally unavailable. It sucks. I try to stay involved in quite a few RPs, though, so if I get burned out in one, and it does happen from time to time, I can go to another, where I'm not so writer's blocked.

    I think my long stretches of absentness will be over with, though, once I'm done with school and get my own damn computer.
  5. Yikes. D: I know for a while there my computer's hard drive completely fried. A week after I bought my new one, my BOYFRIEND'S hard drive fried. That was fun. Aside from that, I'm almost always on the computer, I just haven't felt the urge to RP.

    I had one friend I RP'd with every day, and now we don't anymore. Just never enough ideas. Which kind of makes me sad, but hey, stuff happens I guess. Iwaku's how I fix that. Plus, InnocentAlice can't RP with me on my computer because our chat programs won't let us trade files. DX And email sucks. So we came here and invaded the OneXOne forum, lol. I'm going to really try to stay active this time around.
  6. I sometimes get too busy studying and disappear on my roleplay partners for a while or I suddenly lose my muse and I literally cannot post for days because I lack inspiration. Fortunately, though, I always seem to return to my usual schedule within a week or so, except for lately, because life has been just crazy busy for me with all the exams coming up and stuff like that. I usually try to maintain my schedule, but as I always say, RL comes before RP, so as such, I may not reply to my partners for an extended amount of time.
  7. Same thing like Diana to be honest. I get burnt out on life. Right now I'm juggling between a full time student and working at the crack of dawn, so much of my energy is sapped towards the end of the week. I definitely am not gonna be full time next semester so I can actually have free time. As far as disappearing from the site completely, no I don't do that, but I do become less involved when I get busy.