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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Shin-Jones, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. Yeah, so as the title says. I was looking for a good roleplay forum and this came up so I decided to give it a try and register.

    Aw, I'm Shin, btw. I like anime, especially Naruto, manga, drawing, PewDiePie, Cry, food, creating/designing characters and their clothing, and a lot of other things.

    Is it, um, okay if someone shows me around and help me out with a few things before I completely get start and stuff? Would be a great help. :)
  2. Howdy Shin! :D The first thing you wanna do is check out the help section and read Community 101 and Roleplay 101. They will answer aaaaaaaaalllll your questions! And if they don't, there's always the help/faw, or just asking questions in the Community Hub. >:3

    Welcome to the site!
  3. Welcome shin! I also like the majority of the things you mentioned, so let's be buds!
    And what a coincidinc, that's also the way that I found this site XD
  4. Thanks, you two. :)
    And yeah, that'd be fun, Crystal.
  5. Woot! So which do you prefer as a cake, the barrels or fabulouso pewds? Or maybe even Pewds gaming with Cry?
    Also have you heard of crynime? The trailer looks AWESOME
  6. Wut? Wait, like a cake? Like a cake I can eat?

    I like cake.

    As a cake.....probably Cry and Pewds. :)

    And yes! I love it!! Can't wait until it comes out!! :D
  7. I'm anxiously awaiting Crynime... I would help them if I could D:

    And yus. Cake. -brings out a fresh cake with all the frosting that says 'welcome-shin' on it, as well as a large portrait of Cry and Pewds-
  8. Same here. Every time I went to apply for something to help, I was always too young. :(
    But then I found out that it was just a preference (still kinda a big deal) and that I could enter into the writing one! :D

    I didn't get it finish....
    Oh well. It'll be amazing anyway!! :D

    Caaaaaaaaaakkkee~~~~~~ <3
  9. -gives you the cake and smiles- yeah... the age thing was kinda a harsh thing for me too. Ah well, one day I'll be a big, famous video-game designer making GAMES of Pewds and Cry! >:D
  10. Thank you for the cake~~! ^_^

    Aw, awesome! What kinda games? Horrors? Rpgmaker? :D
    I tried to make a game a few times. Never got to finish it. My older sister ruined the computer, which was my mum. -___-
  11. Ouch.
    I was thinking... Horror/comedy/action.
    I dunno, I'll decide at some point :P
  12. Okay, well, good luck with it. :)
    It'd be awesome to see it.
  13. How long have you been wanting to make games for them?
  14. Actually, only since today XD
    I'm still in high school, and as lazy as can be.
    Also very anti-social.
    I'm working on both though >3>
    Also keepin an eye out for video game design courses ^^
  15. Haha, what? Really? xD

    Same here, man, same here. I'm quite anti-social and all that. Until you get to know me well, then I am just one weird, loud person. Or so I think. I know I'm weird. :P

    And I just noticed from you sig, that you have a dA account.
  16. Yep.
    And shin, we're starting to sound like we're the same person somehow e.e
    You sure we're not some kind of weird cosmic alien twins from space that were sent to earth to try and blend in with these silly humans and then steal their sweets but we somehowgotseperatedandthenwealsosomehowlostourmemory? -gasps for breath-
  17. Haha, we just might. xD

    Hello, my dear twin!
  18. Let us steal all tha sweets from this planet and return to our own! OWNARDS TO CONQUERING!
    -starts watching Sailor Moon for no reason, then looks at Shin with squinty eyes- Dun judge meh =.=
  19. -sound of Sailor saying "I am Sailor Moon! And I'll punish you!" Plays in the background.-

    Hey, I just remembered, Sailor Moon likes food, right? :)
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