So....I'm new here....

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by WildKatz, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Hi! I am WildKatz... or just Wild... or just Katz... or whatever you want to call me! I've been away from RP for a while and thusly I am rusty. My hope was to enjoy a few 1x1 roleplays and warm back up to it before possibly jumping on a few group RPs. I'm in college and sometimes that steals my time, but my goal is to be a good little active member. Can't wait to meet everyone and get started!
  2. Ah a fellow cat I see, always good to have more cats around! Welcome to the forums though, I think you will enjoy it here. Everyone is quite nice and you can find any level of roleplaying you want whether it is one liners or multiple paragraphs. Everyone is welcome no matter where they stand! I definitely understand college taking up lots of time, it kind of sucks sometimes especially when you just want to relax and roleplay.

    What type of roleplay are you interested in or looking for?
  3. Well, I would love to peg down exactly what I am looking for but the honest answer is that I dont really know. Currently I am just kind of up for anything. My favorite kinds of RP lean toward the fantasy genre though. :)