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  1. whilst in the bathtub. I know I know I'm weird, but it's where I get my alone time and I have exhausted the audio books I feel like listening to and ran out of podcasts. Doesn't exactly feel like a musical evening. Any suggestions? Also, what do you like to listen to to relax? Doesn't have to be in the tub....makes me feel weird like I'm the only one who does that lol
  2. Have you heard of Welcome to Night Vale? Not the most relaxing podcast, but, it's entertaining at least. I used to always listen to it while doing laundry. Until I started getting weird looks in my building's laundry room for laughing at seemingly nothing. O_O
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  3. No I haven't. They're comedy? :)
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  5. Omg Luna lol XD
  6. I like your taste, Kaga.
  7. That siggy tho lol
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  8. You could say that, though it's more of a... dark comedy? Eh, their sense of humor is a bit strange and hard to describe. XD

    Basically it's set up as a radio news broadcast in the fictional town of Night Vale, where horrible disasters and all sorts of other weird shit happens so often that it's pretty much commonplace. So, a lot of the comedy comes from hearing the smooth-voiced newscaster, Cecil, announce the horror of the day in an extremely nonchalant fashion. Also, there's a lot of "lolwut?" sort of humor, such as hearing "dogs are not allowed in the dog park", said in the most serious possible way. I dunno, a lot of it is just throwing weird shit at you but in a way that's really clever so that it doesn't just feel like silly nonsense. It's all too well-written for me to do it justice by trying to explain it, honestly. XD

    And then the interesting thing is that, as the series goes on, you learn a lot more about the town and the characters that inhabit it as, surprisingly, a sort of overarching plot starts to develop, which certainly wasn't what I had expected upon hearing just the first couple episodes. It's a really interesting and well-written thing.
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  9. Omg I love it! Lol
  10. All i listen to are EDM, video game music, some vocaloids, etc.etc.

    So if you don't vigorously scrub yourself, I shouldn't recommend xD.
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  11. How did I not know about this?!
  12. With the number of episodes currently out (not to mention the fact that it's still running), I think you'll have enough to keep you busy for a while. XD
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  13. I love it. :3
  14. If you want to hear somebody that sounds a bit like Tim Curry read awful fanfiction, I've got just the man.
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