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  1. I've been joining a lot of group roleplays lately, but it doesn't really feel like it's enough! I need more! Haha.

    I don't really have anything particular in mind. I'm up for any ideas. I'm open-minded and pretty flexible as far as characters go. If you're interested in meeting one of my characters that I've already made, feel free to ask me about them and I can introduce you to my baby, Luke, or my namesake, Surpy.

    I do have a few fandoms I claim as interests, such as Supernatural, Metalocalypse, (catching up in) the Venture Bros, Archer, the Dresden Files, and Sherlock... of course there are a few movie titles in there as well, like the Avengers..
    So if you're interested in any of those fandoms as well, I'd be glad to giggle about it and possibly start up an RP in the universe or with the characters...

    Uuummm... I have made a partner request before for a particular plot I'd wanted to experiment with, but the attempt didn't last and it died out. I'll make mention of it again here, in case anyone's interested in it:

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    My character, Luke, has disassociative identity disorder, brought about by years of abuse as a child. This other personality is rather... violent. Murderous, even. In various places, there have been unsolved murders, the culprit having vanished into thin air shortly after committing the crime. There have been no witnesses, or at least no one willing to admit to seeing anything, possibly out of fear.
    This trail of red has forced Luke to move around, running from it.

    My proposal is having someone be a law enforcement type person, male or female, and basically stumble upon Luke. Luke doesn't actually -know- how many people have died. He just knows his other personality has been up to something sometimes and that's why he keeps moving.

    Now I understand that this roleplay could go many different ways, which is why I don't want to just write it out as a story. I want to see how someone else will have a character react to discovering this kid (well, I say kid, but he's 26), finding him basically lost, and learning his dark secret. I want to see what will happen, what they would do after learning this...

    So yeah! If you're interested in anything, you could leave a reply here in this thread....or start a conversation with me! ^^ I'm up for anything!
  2. Hi hope you are well, I like the idea behind Luke his secret intrigues me greatly. I have to go to work in a while but if your still looking for a law enforcement type I would love to see what kind of character I could come up with.
  3. I sent you a conversation to discuss the plot. ^^

    So that means my set plot is taken care of, one way or another! So if anyone would like to roleplay something else, let me know! I'll add any other plot ideas I may have here. :D
    Thank you!
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