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  1. And I will be the first to admit that I read far too much of it, I'm accepting ficlet prompts over on my tumblr ( I'm on mobile so linking is all wonky).

    If you scroll down a couple posts you'll see an ask game about prompts. Just follow those instructions and send me an ask (by adding /ask onto the end of the url for those who aren't familiar with tumblr). Anon is fine. I've gotten a couple already but the more the better, I love any excuse to write.

    I can do most popular pairings and fandoms, as well as a few more obscure ones, so if you're curious just ask! This is all just for fun and some extra practice with different types of narratives, so no pressure. If you don't feel comfortable sending an ask, you can always just post a request here. I'll get to them when I get to them.

  2. *Future Gwazi barges in*

    "Past Gwazi! How dare you share a video by only reading the title and not the content itself!"
    "But Present Gwazi! I was sleepy and distracted!"
    "No Excuses past Gwazi! You must be punished!"

    Having read the OP now, I'll peek over and see if I can think of something.
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  3. I'm a fanfic fan too! 8D I shall read later
  4. I was gonna say dull your edge, Gwazi, but when I looked back the whole world was different.
  5. Wait, what? *confused*
  6. I should probably mention right now that I'm not really comfortable writing about real people. Especially people I know!

    It'd be a little different if, say, Elly and Dervish waltzed on in and were both like, "Hey, Nargle, write about us being madly in love and also super heroes!" Because then it's a joke, and they're both my friends, and they have both shown me they're down with it. That's a different situation, and even then I'm not sure I'd be totally down with it.

    So heads up, I probably won't be writing any prompts with real people. Sorry.
  7. Hey Nargs, write me like one of your French girls.
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  8. *whispers to @govangogh* "Give him a gun and include a bunch of aliens and he'll be your biggest fan".
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