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  1. So, after having a very interesting conversation with my wife, she said that I could do pretty much anything I wanted career wise as long as I was successful with it. It started by me joking about playing competitive magic again and going pro. Well, she said, "Would you enjoy it?" And I replied, "Of course I would." She then said, "Then do it! As long as you're happy and successful, you can do whatever you want." I then asked her, "Well... How much would I have to make per year to be successful?" She answered, "I'd say you should have a goal of $30,000 per year at least, that is what you're striving towards now with dog training." Which is true, I almost made that much, it was a really successful year for both of us financially.

    Anyway!! So this thread is to share your ideas on what you would do as a job if you could do anything? It has to be able to sustain you for you to live comfortably (Which I know is different for everyone).

    For me, my dream jobs are as follows:

    Professional Magic Player
    Professional Streamer
    Professional Starcraft/Dota player

    So what are yours? :)
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  2. I'd probably want a mixture of a couple jobs, much like I'm going for now.

    Two days a week, dishwashing/food prep hybrid, specifically where food prep is chipping fries and peeling carrots and onions. Back when my pub chipped their own fries, my arms were so much stronger than they are now.

    The other days are iffy, as I haven't tried enough stuff yet. Preferable four-day work week, with one overlapping on the dishwashing day for a day-night shift combo. Door-to-door mailman might be nice, but they're falling out of favour in the market. Concept artist and/or scriptwriter for games, films, and such would also be nice, but I'd have to get better at art. Similarly with animator. A high-paying, low-hour, active job would also be nice, so long as it isn't backbreakingly difficult.

    I've mostly been pushing myself towards a feasible career with nice stuff on the side—such as my dishwashing job—so I haven't quite the grasp on the subject as I would like. If I did have that grasp, I'd probably have already shifted my career goals.
  3. Yeah, just think big! What would you like to do if you could do Anything :)
  4. I have the perfect job right now, professional people pusher! :D

    Seriously though, I would love the professional buyer position.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my dog training career, truly I do. But, Those others I listed would be so amazing.
  6. I know this comes without an income but does stay at home Dad count?

    In all honesty that's the #1 preference for me.

    Though there are also some runner ups.

    2. Autism Therapist/Video Game Designer
    Autism Therapy I really enjoy because I'm around kids that I can try to help.
    Plus having used to gone through the same therapy myself I know how rough/brutal it can be, and would like to use my personal experience to make it easier on them where possible.

    Video Game Design is ideally just as desired, though I'm not aiming for it as much because of the coding.
    I tried learning programming back in High School, I could barely understand it and my head hurt like crazy from it even after 2 years of it.
    But assuming I found a way to make it easier for me? I'd love to get into the field because I love video games and there's so many things I'd want to make.

    3. Video/Movie Maker
    Now, I know I lack the creative surge to write good enough plots and characters to draw in a really large audience.
    But when I was younger I would run around with a cheap ass camera trying to make online videos (a lot of which were star wars themed).
    It didn't really get anywhere because of a huge lack of equipment, resources to use.
    Plus, this was pre-YouTube so there wasn't really anywhere to show the stuff anyways.

    4. YouTuber
    Kind of like the above, but this is less of a "Let's make a cool vid/series" kind and more of a "Sit down and discuss something" channel.
    Probably in the manner of channels like Thunderf00t or TheAmazingAtheist. My main concern here though is a matter of wording.
    I'm far better at wording/explaining myself via text than verbally. And even in text I occasionally get people mis-reading what I'm saying.

    (For one example. Back on the Guild I was very vocal in debate threads about not liking the idea of Religion being an influence over one's life. A lot of people mistook this as me saying "I hate religious people and everything about Religion").

    Honorable Mentions
    -Video Game Streamer: I've thought of this briefly, but I ultimately decided that gaming is mainly my escape from life to just kick back and relax. I don't want it to become something where everyone's expecting me to stream it and keep them entertained. I don't mind someone I'm playing with streaming the session, I just don't want to be the actual streamer that people are logging in to watch.

    -Lets Player: Similar concept, but this one is actually a bit more alluring because it's more controlled and people aren't likely to complain if there's a moment I play a video game and don't bother streaming it. However, this also means a fair amount more work, because if I were to do this I would strive to make it the quality of those like Chuggaconroy's. Where a lot of visual editing for guides is needed, and I would need a massively in depth knowledge of each game I played.
  7. Blacksmith.
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  8. Youtuber.
    Let's Plays, streaming and casual gaming in particular, because I rather enjoy watching stuff like that, and the community seems nice. STAR_ and LittleLizard both sum up what I'd like to do.

    Voice acting, being on stage or just in front of the camera doesn't matter, acting would be amazing. Never mind the rather brutal nature of the job, meeting other actors and hopefully influencing fans would be worth it. I'd be in for Doctor Who or any other science fiction series/movie. Fantasy or anything action would be chill as well. LoTR and Star Wars influenced me as a wee lad, and I'd love to be able to do movies like those. It's so exciting.

    LGBT therapist.
    Well, it's a vague idea, but I'd want to work with kids and young teens in the LGBT community. Help them understand, educate their peers, make sure they get well taken care of and that they won't have a rough start, that sort of thing. I've been there myself, so I know how important it is to be able to find somebody who supports you and your identity.

    Probably something about equestrian sports.
    Like dressage or show jumping, though xc is more up my alley. Horseracing would be very exciting as well.
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  9. Oh my. My perfect job would be working for the British SIS or MI5. Working with information, languages and people of such various backgrounds! It just sounds like such an amazing set of opportunites and a great workplace. Also, the perk of potential of becoming a secret agent... :-P
  10. Shit, I forgot to put author on my list.

    Writing is a passion of mine, and the most doable of the list. Getting a few published books would be superb, and I love to influence people with what I write. It's such a versatile tool to use when you want to come in contact with your readers and young folks.
  11. Ohmygod fiction editor.

    Preferably in some kind of way where I can work more with amateur, first time authors.
  12. If I could do anything, I would be doing the thing that I am currently working hard towards: a published author of fantasy fiction and poetry. I can't really see myself wanting to do anything else with the rest of my life. My love of the written word has driven me so far in my education and I've never wanted much more than to write something that others would enjoy reading. I wouldn't even have to make much, I just want to be able to say a the end of the day, "Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it." To the grind stone with me!
  13. An author. Unfortunately, my meager writing skills make that pretty much impossible. :(

    A slightly more obtainable job; a RN. Just need to go back to school for it. =/
  14. Professional hand model, mainly because it's a dumb and easy job, plus it would be an amusing conversation starter.

    More seriously, being able to write novels for a living would be swell.
  15. Magical Girl (of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica variety?)

    ... What? Don't look at me like that.

    But well for more realistic jobs I'd like to write novels for a living.
    Other than that, a fiction editor.
  16. I wanna get paid for being an iwaku admin. t______t that would be cool.
  17. If I could have any job and make a bunch of money at it? I would love to be an actress.

    But, I would have to say that the field that I am going into is also a dream for me and that's being a Social Worker with the opportunity to do therapy later on.
  18. i would be a super sentai. i'd be happy as a sixth ranger.
  19. Being a successful poet with a few books out on peoples' shelves has always been a dream of mine. More important than that is my dream of being a professional environmentalist of some kind. I want to inform more people about e-Waste, and develop ways to reduce it.

    But if I could become a monster truck driver instead, I'd take that.
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  20. I have little artistic skills, but I always loved the idea of being a practical effects artist for movies or TV.

    Another fun one would be one of those Youtube channels that people basically enjoy watching you screw around doing things you would have been doing anyways, creating comedy shorts, or having one of those firearm channels where they seem to have an infinite amount of money and zero oversight.
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