So, I put this in the mature section, but no one likes, so maybe you?

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  1. So, I posted this in the Mature section, and since it appeared that no one liked the ideas there, maybe you will like them here?

    Arranged Marriage:

    Yes, I know, this idea is rather overused. But, after seeing a fanwork for one of my favorite pairings (RoChu), I got the idea... I'd like to play the female. Basically, this could be any two races, humans and vampires, elves and dark elves...The possibilities are endless. So basically, two noble families are trying to increase their power by marrying their children, who are around 16-18/19. My character doesn't want to be forced into a marriage, but can't really do anything about it. Your character, the male, may have the same sentiments, or completely opposite (I think it might be more interesting that way). But, yeah, the story can go in nearly any direction.

    Here's the image I got the idea from [​IMG]

    Steampunk/Through the Looking Glass:

    A young man falls through a window into another world, where it is in a perpetual state of steampunk culture. A young woman is caught in the midst of a rebellion against the crown of the entire world, hating that they make no moves to increase technology. When she comes across the man, running from the constables, she enlists the man's help, through blackmail or some other means. I'd like the be the female in this as well.

    2012--Apocalypse Now:

    Zombies have begun attacking people. About a month after the outbreak, it finally reaches a medium-sized town, leaving only two survivors. As the infected move on to other, larger, cities, the two leave their hiding spots. While searching for supplies, they meet eachother, and decide to head North together. Eventually, they learn that in a small town in North Carolina, there is supposedly a cure to the disease, and a safe haven for any survivors. However, to get there, the two have to fight their way through an army of the undead, their own emotions, and anyone--or anything--else that stands in their way. I want to be the female here...

    Hunger Games:

    A boyfriend and girlfriend of the fifth district are chosen to be tributes in the 64th Hunger Games. My character, the girlfriend, doesn't want to witness her boyfriend die or have to kill him to survive, and runs during the games, trying to keep away from him while simultaneously surviving. This would start on the Reaping Day.

    Requirements for being my partner:

    1) At least 2 paragraph posting (preferably longer)
    2) You should be able to play more than one character at a time/have multiple plots and subplots at a time
    3) Must be able to incorporate your own ideas into the story
    4) I want a new plethora of RP partners, so you have to be someone I haven't RP'd with previously.
  2. I'm not sure if you want a Pm or a post here, but I would be highly interested in either the 2012-Apocalypse or the Arranged Marriage idea.
  3. Hmm. The arranged marriage one could be a bit interesting...
    Especially with the added fun of different races!
    If you're still looking, pm me or something :3