So I need some RP buddies...

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  1. So hey ouo Kind of need another RP to keep my mind fresh.

    I'm more into Fantasy, Modern Fantasy, and Modern Romance. I do straight, yuri, and yaoi and I usually like playing the female or the "uke" of the couple. One kind of character personality I like seeing in a roleplay is creepy and stalkerish, but still sweet and funny. How much I write mostly depends on how much the other person writes. I kind of feed off posts that way with creativity.~ I don't really care about grammar as long as I can easily decipher it, same goes with spelling. I usually post at least 3 times a day and even more on the weekends (Except this Friday maybe because of a school thing, but thats minor). I usually start RPs in the OnexOne section so I won't have to delete PMs to clear the inbox D: But you CAN shoot me a PM to start planning~!

    OH. I can't do Sci-Fi. Not that I don't like it but...I know nothing of the subject and don't really have an interest in learning most of it. oAo That is all. ouo~
  2. I would love to be your RP buddy.
  3. Pm me for details.