So I have this problem.

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  1. Everything is really boring.. What should I do.
  2. This probably should be in the counseling section since you're asking for advice. As for the question at hand, you should probably find something that you find interesting and do it. If that doesn't help then maybe you have an apathy related problem which makes everything seem boring from your perspective.
  3. My surefire solution to everything: take a nap

    *Disclaimer: not actually a cure for anything, except maybe a headache
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  4. Huh.. Kinda makes sense.
  5. Travel back in time, meet your father when he's the same age as you and then join him in saving the world against a Giant Dragon.

    Seriously though, follow an interest/hobby, talk with people, sometimes it takes a bit of searching before things get fun.
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  6. I tried that.. Things didn't go too well..

    And sadly enough my free time doesn't allow me to do much else than what I do now. And talking with people is troublesome at times. Granted I do want a small group to constantly talk to as I currently have one person who fills that whole spot. It's the common interests and personality that restricts me from a group like that.
  7. Fap.
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  8. I seriously need to get around to finishing that game. XD
    Online wise you got chat rooms, skype groups etc.
    In Person just try to find locations that focus on specific interests.

    Easier with college but I ended up expanding my IRL social life beyond just my friends back from high school with the Gaming and Anime clubs at college.
  9. Sucks, bro.
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  10. Hey!

    What if they want to suck a lady?
  11. Oh its just a little "alternate universe" I thought up based off this picture~

    Yeah the only reason I go out is work.. Hah.
  12. He does that on purpose.
  13. I---- I have that.. Kinda art..

    Of Lucina..
  14. I was in the same position where everything was boring to me XP (Actually, I kinda still am to a point.

    From my experience, there really isn't an answer you'll accept at first -_- It's literally just doing something else, and hope for the best. Do something you never thought you'd do or be into. I was getting super bored, and I ended up going in military, and it's quite something. It brings excitement, it brings something new to the table.

    So in short, just do something new. There really is no complex answer to it. Don't have the time to do something new? Then perhaps that thing that's taking all your time is the problem, and should consider switching.
  15. Do absolutely nothing for an entire day or two. After that, anything should be exciting.

    That may sound kind of sarcastic, but it's not. After a day of no internet, no phone, and no one to talk to (until my kids got out of school and my husband came home from work that is) I found my enthusiasm for everything went up.
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  16. That sound Sadistic... But also Logical.

  17. I suggest trying one of the challenges here:


    And if doing one them doesn't appeal to you maybe try creating a challenge for other bored individuals.
  18. As Nietzche said, live dangerously.
  19. You can become a cornstalk.

    Or you can set an ambitious goal for yourself that will make you happy, work hard to obtain it, and pursue a challenging yet rewarding life.

    I personally prefer being a cornstalk.
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