GROUP RP PLOTTING So...I have this craving...

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  1. First off, let me get some things out of the way.

    1. I know this is probably over-done according to a lot of people, but at the moment..I really don't care.
    and 2. If you're just going to gripe about the idea that I chose, rather than helping to make it better...go elsewhere.

    Secondly: Allow me to say this;
    I am a Potterhead...Like..huge..x: I love J.K. Rowling's work on the Harry Potter series, and I'm not doing this because I think she did a poor job writing the books or anything like that. I'm just bored, that much of an HP fan, and wanting to do something that could potentially be a LOT of fun.

    Now. With that out of the way you've probably already guessed that I want to do something Harry Potter related...if're guess would be right.

    So...this is my idea.

    I want something least for part of it..focuses on the idea of life after school.
    I am, as of yet, uncertain what the setting will be, but I don't think it will take place in the Hogwarts area. (Heck..I'm not even sure which continent it will take place on...let alone in which country.)
    I do, however, know that (whether or not the roleplay starts in such an area) I want the roleplay to, eventually, lead to an area that is secluded and covers a large area of land.
    The reason for this is that at some point in the roleplay..two very important things will happen.

    The first thing is that the first strictly magical community (likely to grow into a small city), in this new area, will be established.
    The city will be built from the ground up, likely with the help of magic, and while it will obviously run into the hardships that any city will, it will flourish under the care of the townspeople.

    The second thing to happen:
    Once the city is large enough, as well as has a large enough population, parents will meet with the city council to discuss educational needs. At this point it will be decided that the city is too far away from other magical schools for children to be shipped off to school, and the city council will determine that it is time for a new school to be founded.

    This will allow people to choose to play either adults thriving in the new magical community, or children just starting their education at a newly founded magical school.

    What's going to be needed:

    There are lists of spells that were used in the HP series all over the internet, but the problem is that these lists are rather short compared to what is going to be needed.
    I'd like to have at *least* one other person working with me on spells and potions to prepare for this roleplay.
    Spells will, obviously, be dvided by what class they would be associated with.
    Potions will be categorized as well.
    However: Whether the students learn them in school or not, I also want to come up with some unsavory Dark-Arts spells and potions.
    Sorry, but I don't like things to be *all* rainbows and butterflies.
    We're also going to need a name for the city, names for shops that will be found through-out, a name for the school, ideas on how the school will be run (should students be split into different houses not dissimilar to Hogwarts? If so, what houses should there be and what should their symbol and colors be? Also what classes should be offered?...etc.)

    This is something that may take a while to create, so if you're interested : Please be patient. Also: Any ammount of help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for at least swinging by to take a look! (:
  2. I'm thinking this roleplay will be done in chapters.
    Ch. 1) Will consist of building the magical community.
    Ch. 2) Will consist of building the school.

    Other chapters may be added.
    Depending on what is decided for the school, I may go ahead and make a chapter for each of the first several years that students are in school. (Example: If this was Hogwarts there would be a Chapter for the First year and so on until Year 7.)

    Adult characters in the first chapter may go on to either A) Be teachers/faculty for the school, B) Have children who go to the school, C) Be a part of the city council or D) Perform other jobs in the city.

    Because of the location
    of the city (it being so far from other magical communities and what not) most of the 'government' (i.e. ministry of magic type of stuff) will be handled by the city council.
    However, because those over the age of 17 are allowed to apparate, it is possible that some adults could work for the equivalent of the ministry of magic in whatever country this roleplay happens to take place in.
  3. I like this idea, but it doesn't sound much like Harry Potter. It sounds more like your own take on a magical thing. I don't do Fanfiction but I LOVE the Harry Potter books.

    I don't think this really needs to have a Harry Potterish background, it sounds like it will stand perfectly fine on its own. Count me interested. :)
  4. The problem with it not having an HP background is that I *suck* at coming up with original ideas for things like magic.
    There are just sooo many ways to make magic work...and I kind of like the basic concept of how HP magic works.
    That...and there's already a sh** ton of stuff I have to work out, so working out how to make the magic and rest of the magical world different would...
    Well...just add *yet* another thing to the 'To Do List' for creating this roleplay...
    And...While I have a decent imagination..I am only one person. Lol.
  5. I know that one. :) Writing original work is not as easy as it was a long time ago. I've learned that one the hard way. lol
    If you're interested I'd be willing to participate.

    I'm not Wiccan but I went to a Wicca meeting once, juts to find out what it was about and what everyone was so 'rabble rabble rabble' on the subject. It isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be, sure there are bad covens but not all of them are like that. There are also a great many different websites that have spells and potions and the like.

    I know because of research for a book I'd like to write. *sheepish smile*
  6. Lol.
    I don't classify myself as Wiccan. Just Pagan.
    I know there are lots of sites with spells and potions (just as well as there are books)...
    The problem is that .. I want an element of fantasy in this roleplay.
    I don't want it to be entirely based on Neo-Pagan religions..
    And I think I'd prefer to stick with one solid idea for how magic works/is performed..
    I also like the idea that wands are tools through which magic is...'conducted', for lack of a better word. ( brain isn't functioning properly right now.)
  7. Ohey...
    I almost forgot about this thing...
    I once found what was basically a cheat sheet to making magic users. (Don't remember where or how I found it..) (Scratch that...I had the source listed as :
    It might help in making the difference...



    *What allows them to manipulate reality to their will?

    *Is the source internal, or external?


    *How is the magic released to do their will?


    *Within what ammount of distance?


    *What can magic do?



    *For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction.

    -Magic in Society:

    *Is it accepted by the people?

    *Is it common? Rare? A skill that is learned? Innate? Hereditary? Arbitrary?​
  8. Source:

    The source of magic is internal.


    Their magic is releaswed through a combination of spells, which are directed through use of a magical wand, and mental manipulation. (The mental manipulation is something that only older, more experienced magical people can do.)


    Range is usually within visual distance, but the more practiced the user, and so long as the exact whereabouts are known, the further the magical range can extend.


    With the right spell, knowledge, and training magic can do just about anything.
    Restrictions are the knowledge of spells and proper training to use them.


    The more spells cast, the more the wear on the wand. On average wands must be replaced once every three years. (More or less often depending on how often spells are cast.)

    Magic In Society:

    It is rare for non-magical people to know about the existance of magical folk. As it is; those who do know have differing opinions on it.
    Magic is typically hereditary, though there have been some cases where a magical person will be born into a family where there is no known magic users in their lineage.
  9. I like it, :)

    How many people are you looking for with this?
    What would you like of me, I'm more than willing to do something. =^_^=
  10. I'm up for anything when it comes to magic and such. But I'll just wait until you guys have it all said in stone because it looks like you both have it all piling up with ideas. <3 So all in all. I'M INTERESTED~!!!
  11. Sorry I haven't responded until now. It's been a busy week, but things have finally calmed down.
    Umm. I don't know..Lol.
    But..I'm open for input on any and all of this.