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So, I found a picture of this guy, but I can't figure out his name.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fyrra, Oct 7, 2014.



  1. Stupid newbie.

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  2. Go away Fyrra, you aren't drunk enough!

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  3. I'm going to need more rope~

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  4. Weh.

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  1. Does anyone know this guy's name? I think he's supposed to be some sort of Slenderman ripoff.

    who is it.jpg
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  2. Thread killed before lulz could happen. Thanks. :c
  3. Thought it was a serious question...guess all the Lulz are mine
  4. Yay Freakazoid!
  5. Screw the one-shot silly villain-made-meme.
    That show was fucking awesome!
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  6. You mean Candle j-
  7. Of course it was awesome! Villains these days wouldn't *dare* do a musical number in public even half as glorious as The Lobe's, and then we had all the fun little spoof shows that would come up when the episode ends early. The WB network had some good writers and gutsy jokes back then, too.
    Guess so. Blasted internet, being all convenient and helpful and stuff. :3
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  8. Candleja
  9. It sure is a good thing that everyone who's saying the guy's name is cutting themselves off before finishing it! =D
  10. Used to be a meme about this in the beta of League... Mostly because he shares a resembles to Fiddlesti
  11. So many people here are doing it wrong. You see, Candlejack i
  12. I think CandleJack is h-
  13. What are you guys on a-

  14. But that's not Hypnotoad, it's Cand-