So I did that ice bucket challenge today

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Daniel, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. Wasn't even cold to be honest. Has anyone else done it?
  2. I was nominated but I didn't do it. :/

    I just see a lot of people doing it just to join in the commotion of it. They don't even know what it's for so I didn't want to be a part if it. Not saying you fall under that category or anything.
  3. I got nominated for it about 2 or 3 weeks ago, just never got around to doing it until now. And I have a general idea of what it's for, but frankly I never really paid the whole thing much attention. Just thought of it as another one of those things that would be popular online for a little while before everyone moved onto something else.
  4. I done the ice bucket before. i was nominated by my sister
  5. It is supposed to support research in development of a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Shame that the significance of the idea has almost nearly been lost already.
  6. The marketing was GENIUS. Even though lots of people do the challenge without donating the money, it still brings lots of attention to the Cause.

    I did not do the challenge or donate. O__O I donate to other causes. Aids research, Hemophilia research are my two biggies because it affects my family.
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  7. So you performed a challenge without understanding at all why?

    Goodness that seems silly.

    I donated to a clean water fund. Better use of my charity.
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  8. Like I said, I had a general idea of what it's for, I just never went too deep into the specifics. Sorry for donating to a charity though.
  9. You did it for the fad not the awareness is what you said.

    Also didn't say you donated at all. No need to get rough with the ratings.
  10. I also didn't say I 'did it for the fad'.

    I'm so glad that making one innocent topic about having done a YouTube video has managed to garner unpopularity. I'd say a moderator can close/delete this topic now, it's course has been run and I've gained useful insights.
  11. Not to drag it out any further, considering we had more than a few threads when the ice bucket challenge was still fresh.

    But ya' kinda did, chief.
  12. I just donated, debit, I didn't find the awareness part that interesting, it's just a bunch of people cooling off.
  13. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people did it for the "fad." (Not saying that you did.) But even those people helped in a way to keep spreading the knowledge to others. Even if they didn't know what it was for, chances are that the three people they nominated would and would donate as well as the next 3 people and so on. I knew I wouldn't donate so I didn't do it e_e.

    BTW I must say, there are a lot of people who think if you do the challenge you don't have to donate, but I want to clear that up. If you don't do it but we're nominated you were supposed to donate $100 (yeah I'm an ass.. I didn't do it.) If you did do it you were supposed to donate $10.
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