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So I am very new, meaning I created an account maybe an hour ago, haha! So I was just wondering how do I join an RP that has already been created and (this is probably a stupid question) how do I know the difference between an RP between certain people and an RP that is open to multiple characters???


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If you go to the start page you will see a drop down menu for group roleplays and one on one's. One on one roleplays are generally private and has been spoken about beforehand. The only time you reply to them is when someone has put the prefix "First response" on it, because that means it is a jump in for the first person who wants to join. Only two people roleplay with each other in the one on one section.

In the group section you can usually join as long as the prefix (which is right beside the title) doesn't say "closed sign up" or "private". Sometimes people forget to change the prefix, but if you're uncertain it is just to write in the thread and ask "Hey, can I join?" or "Do you still accept players?" If it has a "No bio" prefix, that means that you can just jump into the in character thread, though it is probably appreciated if you at least say hi before or after you have jumped into the IC. This is done in the out of character thread.

And just to make sure you find everything:
When you go to the group categories and click on a roleplay, you will see that they have a thread tab. That is the OOC thread. The IC (if it has been created) is linked to the right of (or if you have a small screen, underneath) the overview.

When going to one on one roleplays, it is the IC that is in the thread tab and if you search for one on one partners, you would have to do it in the "seeking one on one partners" category, which is under the "roleplay search" drop down menu on the start page.

I suggest you go look at a random roleplay to see how everything looks and see if you understand how it's meant to be. Our admin Diana has made an example thread that you can check out, just to make sure you understood everything :) Otherwise it's just to ask again ^^
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