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So how dead are you?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Fiona, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    How screwed are you when they bust down your door?

    I have a table to flip at them! Reckon I'll live more than a minute or two?
  2. My Nikko 7000. I'm going for the highscore.
  3. I'm sure the stack of blankets will serve me well.
  4. I get to smash zombies with a large recliner chair.
  5. I have... a fan. Hmm... *opens the cage for the blades* ...Im sure this could do some damage~
  6. Come at me, bro! I've got a fucking crockpot!
  7. My clicky medium point pen! Yeah, totally gonna take out an eye before mah brains are chomped!
  8. Well if you're secretly James Bond, which I've suspected for several years now, then that pen is probably pretty boss.
  9. Yeah, but it's not that pen that's next to meeee-- I mean... me, James Bond? hahaha... <_< >_> <_<'
  10. . . . My Mom's cell phone and some pillows. Game over.
  11. I'd rather die than hti them with my bass guitar.
  12. I have my couch. I'll manage for a few minutes at least
  13. I have a wall. O.O Does that mean I get to break my wall and smash the zombie's heads with it? :D
  14. A clunky desk. My super human strength will surely allow me to properly defend myself with it!
  15. I have a wooden sword that I got from the Renaissance fair. I think I can last for a while with that thing........hopefully.
  16. Scissors... I'll probably cut them into pieces and stab them
  17. Combat boots and a sword. I'm good.
  18. a fucking plastic container....FUCK well at least they have something to use if they want to take some of me to go -_-
  19. I've got a fork...