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Hello there, if you couldn't tell, I'm SanguineCetus, but feel free to give me any sort of nickname. My username is kinda annoying to type all the way out all the time.

I haven't been in the forum roleplay scene for a while but I have been roleplaying on and off for a long time, was even a member here a few years back. Stuff happened back then and I had to drop this but with my schedule opening up, I figured I'd try to get back into it! I've missed it a lot more than I thought...

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You’re gonna carry that weight.
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Hello, Sanguine! Welcome Back to Iwaku!

I'm glad to hear that 'stuff' has cleared up for ya and that you now have more time and a less busy schedule. Stuff can be a pain! But hey, time to RP now! :D Enjoy, be merry, and get fat and/or drunk (and write...)

If you have any questions, any general comments or complaints, want to chit chat, or... Anything! Just drop me a message on my wall or in my PM box. <3

Again, welcome back!
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