So... Hi! I am... um... Yanaike!

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  1. I placed almost the same introduction on RPNation earlier today, but since I'm not sure where I'll fit the best and I lack the inspiration to write two different introductions, I'll use almost the same introduction here. Please forgive me for that? :$

    So, hi! I’m Yanaike and I am my writers nickname as well as his favourite character. As for my writer: he is a 21 years aged boy living in the Netherlands, a small country in north-western Europe. He wrote/writes a lot of stories, usually short ones, but also some longer stories. In the past he even did a couple of roleplaying stories. As a matter of fact: he created me for a RP-story. Unfortunately, most RP-stories he participated on, ended, because of the other writers abandoning the project. But despite that my writer didn’t abandon me, and he threw my character in some short normal stories. Even though I loved to be featured in those stories, I suffer a lot from not being in RP-stories anymore. So… here I am again!
    As you might have noticed: writing in English is a first for my writer (I think he is understandable, but his grammar might not always be correct and he might lack some in-depth and specific vocabulary). But the best way to practice writing… well… uh… is to write of course!

    Right! As for me: I’m Yanaike and I’m a sort of low-fantasy character. For example I’m able to use magic (air and/or luck based) and I have a tail (chemistry accident gone wrong), but I still consider myself to be human (most of the time that is) and I prefer other RP-characters to be human-like too (by the way: if you know a good story for me to fit in, please feel free to respond). Later, my creator will probably write a more in-depth character sheet about me, so if you like me, feel free to check that out!

    I’m really looking forward to start new adventures with you all! ;)

  2. Ah Nice to meet you Yanaike! Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy it here! ^.^
  3. *bows* Welcome to the madness, you made no mistake in coming over.
  4. I love that name.. Yanaike. Well, greetings to your writer and you ^^

    Enjoy yer stay.
  5. Yanaike eh?So,we got a half japanese and europian blooded person here.So,welcome to Iwaku Yanai-senpai.Hope you enjoy your stay and be sure to have fun,okay?~
  6. Hallo Yanaike! :D Welcome to the community!
  7. Thank you so much for all those kind welcomes!

    I'm not really japanese though :$ But I love animes!!! <3

    Uhm... Not really sure how I should ask this but: are there any tips on how to join a good RP? I've been reading a couple of threads and they are basicly either on page 29312 (or something like that) or they do not really match with what I like to write.
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