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  1. Here's my intro. I've been messing around with RPs for several years now, I'm still kind of bad at purple prose but I guess I write decently. I'm not very good at making threads, hence the Lurks part of my name. I prefer to lurk, but in this situation I'm having to come out into the spotlight for a bit. I've got a million and one ideas I want to do and I only have two partners that brought me here from other sites, so I'm looking for more.

    Posting length is simple for me, do your best to match what I put out. You don't have to match me, but as long as I can tell that you're trying everything will be fine.

    Ideas! I'll condense the idea down as small as I can because if I'm left to my own devices I will write all sorts of details that you don't really need to know. Also, there will be pickle tickling, fiddle diddling and whatnot but that is best discussed in private so this does need to be in Libertine.

    The ideas are malleable, if you want something modified I'm willing to listen.

    Also, don't post here, just send me PMs.

    Strikes are taken.
    ------------------------------------Special Rank-------------------------------------
    This idea is the number one idea I want to do. You pick this, you get priority over everyone else. Be brave.

    Final Fantasy 14
    Quick Breakdown: New arrival arrives in Eorzea, loses all their money -> breaks something in a shop by accident, has to work to pay off damage -> shopkeep is revealed to be a retired adventurer -> new arrival gets tied up in adventurer's life.
    Plot/Naughty ratio: 70/30.
    Requirements: Best if you can play two characters or more.
    Notes: If you have no idea what Final Fantasy 14 is about, ask to do this idea anyway cause what little you need to know is easily explained. Be brave.

    ---------------------------------End Special Rank-----------------------------------

    In the mountains
    Quick Breakdown: Hiker is hiking, ends up getting injured and falls unconscious -> wakes up in a home, is now under the care of wolf-girl that lives in mountains -> gets to meet the family, wolf girl is essentially glued to hiker's side -> lewd -> hiker recovers, gets ready to go home -> wolf girl leads hiker down the mountain, ends up staying -> hiker must now figure out how to integrate the wolf girl into modern society without her getting found out but the wolf is really 'friendly'.
    Plot/Naughty ratio: 60/40 on mountain, 50/50 or 40/60 off mountain.
    Requirements: None

    How to cheat and get away with it
    Quick breakdown: Wife of guy is feeling unfulfilled, ends up looking for an affair -> meets someone online, decides to go through with it -> when they finally meet, it turns out the person is one of their kid's teachers -> go through with it anyway -> lewd stuff -> more lewd stuff -> kids grades go through the roof -> plot
    Plot/Naughty ratio: 30/70
    Requirements: None

    Monster Maiden
    Quick Breakdown: Bunchagods, one's a death god -> death god is represented by a basilisk -> each god has a 'conduit' that takes a partial form of their representation -> death god maiden is basilisk monster girl -> girl is traveling around to different death god temples, gets attacked -> enlists help of mercenary -> mercenary and basilisk girl end up falling in love -> lewd -> plot.
    Plot/Naughty: 100/0 till love, 60/40 after love.
    Requirements: Multiple characters

    Dragon's Hoard
    Quick Breakdown: Dragon-girl used to rule city-state kingdom thing -> dragon-girl is betrayed and put into a magical slumber -> hundreds of years later, city state is forgotten but a thief sneaks in after hearing about dragon treasure -> ends up knocking over big, shiny thing by accident -> breaks spell, dragon-girl wakes up -> dragon girl rewards thief by rebuilding city state kingdom thing and making thief her personal consort -> lewd -> plot
    Plot/Naughty: 50/50-ish.
    Requirements: None

    Quick Breakdown: Avian princess lives in mountaintop/cloud city -> has non-avian servant that she likes -> spends lots of time with the servant -> spends lots of lewd time with servant -> servant is happy, but princess suddenly stops spending time with servant -> princess now has prince to spend lewd time with -> servant tries to get princess back to spending lewd time with them.
    Plot/Naughty: 30/70
    Requirements: Don't be scared of heights.
    Notes: Not much plot but lots of 'plot'.

    A Queen's Scorn
    Quick Breakdown: King and Queen are happy, lots of lewd -> time goes on, start being unhappy -> king gets a concubine, queen gets mad -> queen starts coming up with things to make the concubine leave -> ends up hiring playwright to make play with concubine in it to get her away from the king -> queen ends up liking playwright -> lewd -> king mad at queen, queen mad at king -> angry lewd -> plot
    Plot/Naughty: 50/50 start, 30/70 after playwright.
    Requirements: Multiple characters
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