So here I am again x.x

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  1. So I'm back AGAIN from yet another hiatus. This time I swear I'm gonna stay and I need some rp's to keep me occupied for the time being.

    About me :)
    1. I love anime so yes I tend to use face claims of anime art if I find on google for my characters.

    2. I love playing male characters, I don't know why but I do better males then female characters. Most my females tend to be either girly or bitchy not my cup of tea if you know what I mean blegh =.=

    3. I am not picky if you have an idea for our current RP surprise me or hell even ask me I love anything and everything.

    4. I am a fast pace poster, but I also tend to be overwhelmed as well at times so if I slow a bit forgive me D:

    5. Lasty I don't bite so please be my friend and don't hesitate to hit me up :)
    What I seek :P

    1. Someone whose a speedy poster such as myself, and yes I understand real life comes first I'm a slave to house hold chores =w= *grumbles*

    2. Someone who contributes to the story and I mean please add your ideas I'm not stingy as long as it works it's fine :)

    3. Someone who won't ditch, I admit I'm guilty about this myself but I really had no control. if you need to be away please let me know.

    4. Someone chop full of ideas or whose willing to compile some with me :)

    5. Lastly someone whose not a grammar or writing Nazi. I might be the suckiest writer on earth or I feel like I am. But yeah please don't tear my head off please I bruise easy like a peach :-;.....
    Genres I love:)
    1. Fantasy
    2. Action
    3. Adventure
    4.Romance(With other added elements not just pure romance)
    Genres I dislike
    1. yaoi, yuri
    2 Libertine(Sorry I just don't like that crap fade to black is my thing)
    3. Slice of life
    Other Info
    I am a sucker for any of the genres mentioned above so please don't hestiate to ask. Also the best way to get my attention is to one PM me and two add my skype

    Skype: Asuna1987(This will really get my attention if not be patient I tend to float off and on iwaku a lot until I find an rp I like or need to reply hehe)
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  2. BUMP still looking give me your ideas people :)
  3. Still wanting rp partners no flakers please =w=.
  4. I added you on Skype.
  5. I have a lot of ideas involving adventure and fantasy.
  6. I'm interested! Please pm me c:
  7. I've got a couple of ideas you might be interested in. Mind if I PM you?
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