So... Hello?



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Well being a new member I more than likely know none of you, so this is my hello......... hi?
I just said hello to you in the cbox. >:D But hello again. HELLOOOOOOOO.
Hey Zorilla, welcome to Iwaku.
We're all awesome people here, so just come and join in the roleplaying and have tons of fun.
If you've got any questions, I'll do my best to answer them for you. xD
Hope you enjoy being part of Iwaku.
Welcome to the site, Zorilla. Hope you enjoy the site.
Have a good time and let us know if you need anything.

Check out our writing/art section. There are some fun challenges and you can showcase your masterpieces there.
haven't done this yet.

R-right so the big thing keeps telling me to do this, and i want it to go away.

Hi i'm Zorrilla, i won't be telling you great deals about myself in here, mainly because fi you want to know you'll see me around, or pm me.

Fun things to know

I'm a cynic of odd qualities
Sarcasm is what i give up for lint, no joke.
I find everything humerus, at least once, at some time.
I enjoy sending secret messages in my posts, although there shouldn't be any here.
I'm legally blind, so when i say i can't see something, i'm not kidding. If you w I ask me to know more, ask me, i won't eat you.
I also enjoy forming shapes with my posts, ironically this one is formed like a shape because i got bored and added word.
I find Steven Colbert Amusing, i also find John Stuwert amazing. I find most intelligent conversation welcoming.
I enjoy odd things, like dry, crackly, crispy, crunchy, usually slightly offensive humor. I blame it on politics.

When i'm reading peoples posts, or rping, i pretend i'm the character i'm writing for.
Although i pretend i'm a character i can still play males, and i'd be happy too.
I find it fun to add oddd flairs in the storyline, twists are cool.
To think or not to think is not an option, it is the sole reason i exist, and brownies.

I really enjoy the site, it's colors don't hurt my eyes.
Amazing moderation so far, although i've only been here two days or so.
Many good things to be said, no bad, although i might be sad going back to school

During my freetime i am a professional yoyoer
Odd how i can't stop myself from doing things i'm not good at.
Nothing seems to be fun unless it's hard for me
Everything is a message, even the message
Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
You'll know us all soon enough.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
I'm Kitti, by the way. ^^
You sound so fun. :D Hope to see you around. :3 *stands there awkwardly* I just really like greeting people. XD Hi!!!