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  1. Hey people,

    uhm let's start with a bit about myself. I am DarkiusHeavenstein, but you can call me Darkius, Dark, Darki, Heaven or whatever else you want. I will mostly use the full name or Darkius. I have been roleplaying for a little over 12 years now. I started when I was 12... on neopets... thinking wolves with fairy wings were the BEST characters ever...

    don't worry I have grown a lot since that. I have developped my characters better (no more wolves with fairy wings :P) I have grown as a person. Taking up more serious roleplays and did some dark poetry for a while along with short stories on Deviantart.

    After this I found my way to RpNation, by change and I have spend there the past two years. And someone there (Undercovernoob) gave me this site, saying ti would be more like our craving. So far what i have seen YESSSS. I love this place

    Anyway, about myself. I am a 24 year old female (turn 25 in october) from the Netherlands (so yay time differences) and I currently study law. And yeah, there isn't much more to say about me

    Anyway I am always open for a chat, friendship or to rp of course. Feel free to randomly contact me with ideas and such. I am up for (small) group rps as well as one on one. And my cravings go far and all around. So 99% of the time I am willing to rp with you.

    So, yeah I will see you all aroud
    love Darkius
  2. Darki! Absolutely cute name! I'm going to call you that.. Oh, and October?! We have the same birth month! Oh, I MUST know your birthday. Who knows? We might be in alignment with the stars.~ Also, if you wish to RP. Don't hesitate to send me a message. <3
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  3. Hahaha thanks, Lexi (can I call you that) And my birthday is the 12th :P And I will keep it in mind (currently bit busy with double shifts at work). Also what are your interested when it comes to roleplays?
  4. Welcome to the forum, Darkius!
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  5. You can totally call me whatever you want. c: And we're soooo close together in birthdays. October 20th. (Yikes. Earn dat dollar bills tho.~) Oh goodness, I'm an all-rounder! I love every category there is! But, if I don't know something, I'm not afraid to research in an instant and stuffs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.