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  1. Hey, my name's Uncle Touchie, but you can just call me Touch or whatever you want. I'm new to the site, but definitely not to RP. It's a good way to exercise my writing skills. I was told not to put certain rapey topics here, because some poor, unfortunate fool decided to touch the duckie.
    But, anyways, comment, PM me, or whatever. I'll give you a puppy.
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  2. *Whispers* A lot of people won't understand the joke, will get very offended and prolly report you for the rapeys stuff. (Believe me, they have a hissy and report less controversial things all the time.) I dun want to see those reports in my inbox and have to deal with them. ;_; So you should prolly switch all that out for less rapey things!

    Otherwise, welcome to the community, Uncle Touchie! :D
  3. Okay, no problem lol.
  4. Glad to have you here *bows* hope you enjoy the site
  5. Thx. Hey, do you like clouds?
  6. Whispers in the dark as I pet my Oversized Tiger .. Fu fu fu .~

    Welcome to the Insanity .. Trust me you don't Need Your Sanity here.:)

    Enjoy your stay and also Do Not Feed the Black Bunnies ! No matter how tempting they look.>;)
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  7. Hello, my name is Melancholy, but you can call me Mel. I hope you have a great time here on Iwaku. If you ever need anything, the staff are usually very helpful! Anyways, if you ever want to RP just shoot me a PM! please don't shoot me with an actual pm...
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  8. Okay, so your username set off a chain of events in my mind that ended up with me listening to the Bloodhound Gang.

    I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing.

    Also welcome. How you doin'?
  9. Hello people! I'm not making any promises about the Black Bunnies, 'cause I hear they're very tasty, and I won't shoot you with a PM, Mel. It sounds like a painful experience. And Kestrel, that's a very good thing, I'm doing fine myself. Thanks for asking.