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  1. "Come on, David. It'll be fun!" Insisted one of David's friends. "I don't know, man... I have a lot of stuff to study..." Replied David, still reluctant about that party all his friends had been talking about lately. "What? What about your youth, my friend? One day you will wake up, see the sun and hear the birds..." And here we go again, that guy who was studying philosophy though he was Cervantes. "Alright alright! I'll go, but shut up!" Said David.

    A shower and a change of clothes later and he was ready to go. "And where did you say this party was?" Asked David as they drove out of the college. "Not far from here. At Marco's house. Have you ever been there?" Asked Mike, one of his friends. "Nah... But I heard about him. That guy is really trying hard to be the focus of attention." Said David looking through the window. "Well, I don't care. As long there is booze and women, I don't give a fuck about who the hell that guy is." Replied some other guy David didn't knew, but happened to be the friend of a friend, so go figure.

    "There we are!" Said cheerfully the driver as they parked close to the stereotyped American house; green lawn, white picked fence, made of wood, light brown colors... It seemed directly taken from a movie. "Ohhhh yeah! Come on, PAAAAAARTYYYY!!!!" That unknown guy was really up to this.

    Once in the inside the ambiance couldn't be better. There was as much women as men, the music was loud and it seemed that there was beer and booze whatever you looked. It wasn't that David didn't liked this, but he really needed to study, so after seeing how the driver was already drinking his second beer, he figured out he would be returning to the college on bus... Or on foot. Well, a couple of rounds and I'll leave, though David as he looked around, so clumsy he ran into a girl. "Oh, sorry."
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    "Party at Marco's!!!" Kinley screamed as she ran into her apartment after classes. It was no surprise that the girl was excited about a part, and it would be no surprise for her to attend; that's who Kinley was. She was the stereotypical party girl who doesn't really go to college for the education aspect of it. Of course, she still went classes, sometimes, and still studied, minimally, but studied none the less. Did her grades suffer? Yeah... who wanted to listen to a professor with a hangover? Not this girl.

    "And you're going?" Emilee looked up from her Ipad. "Can I come?"

    "Dude, of course! The more the merrier, but I can't promise I won't ditch you." She giggled then ran upstairs and squeezed herself into a little black dress then curled her hair and redid her makeup before slipping her feet into a cute pair of silver heels. "Okay! Emilee! Lets go!"

    The girl was no where to be found and Kinley wasn't going to wait for her so she took off. At last, she arrived at the party and trotted in, grabbing a beer from a guy she knew then headed off. She was everywhere! First, she was on the dance floor then standing around with people she knew then off to wherever she please. Well, until she ran into some guy.

    "Oh, sorry," he said.

    "Oh! No big deal!" She said brightly. "It is a party! Bumping into people happens." Kinley grins. "My name is Kinley! You wanna come get a drunk with me? Then maybe dance a little?" She bites her lower lip then just takes his hand, dragging him away from his friends. From there, everything seemed to be a blur. There were drinks to be had and now they were dancing!

    Her body was pressed back against his, hips gyrating to the music. God, this was so fun! Moments like these, dancing with some guy, was her favorite part. What normally happens after was even better.
  3. Well, that was an unexpected turn of events.... A pretty sweet one, tho. That Kinley girl sure was a party one, and even if she wasn't precisely the kind of girl he liked, they were at a party, so let's just have some fun! And so, David kind of let himself go for a while, just letting the music drive his rhythm and that crazy girl drive his soul. Gently putting his hands on her hips, David softly touched her as he kept dancing with her, forgetting about his problems and just drinking and dancing with a girl he had never seen before. Plain and simple.

    Well, simple until he took a glance at his clock. He really needed to study... His cock, tho, said otherwise, bulging trough his pants with the eventual touch of Kinley body.... Nah, that was probably just the alcohol and the hot feeling of the rubbing... But it felt nice.... Besides, let's be honest; trying to study with all the beer he had drank was going to be impossible. It's set then: PARTY!

    David Hands got slightly more playful with her hips as his both hands went a few inches lower and his body a few inches closer, appreciating the warm company of a strange dance partner at a college party. "Bathroom's empty, babe." Muttered David to her ear as he saw a couple walking out of it. Who dares wins.
  4. For a bit, Kinley was worried that this guy wasn't into it. Especially when he checked his watch... that definitely made her feel like he didn't really want to be there. A frown deepened on her face as she started to think about pulling away from him, finding some other guy to play with. Well, until he got a little harder, his hands went a little lower, and his body got that much closer. Those simple movements told her everything she wanted, and him suggesting that the bathroom was free of course.

    A grin stretched over her face as she didn't waste a single moment. Taking his hand, much like she had earlier, she pulled him into the bathroom, locking it behind them as not to be disturbed. That's when the fun happened. In a swift movement, she backed him up against the door and began kissing over his neck while gently pressing a hand between his legs.

    "I guess I got your attention over your watch," Kinley mumbled against his neck, grazing her teeth over his skin. "Mmmm.. its all whatever now." Her fingers started working at the button of his jeans.
  5. "Mmmm... You did indeed." Muttered him with a smile as he kissed her back. Just in case he wasn't hard enough, her hand playfully scouting his crotch made him even more hard. Knowing where this was going, and really loving it, David helped her with those annoying buttons who were holding his member back. After what it seemed like too long, his pants where finally loose enough for him to let the rest to Kinley.

    David put his hands over her body again, and took a quick tour over her chest before she could free his seven inches of meat out of his underpants. One thing was for sure, whatever size those breasts where, they were really pleasant to have on the palms of his hands.... Sure those two were beautiful.
  6. Kinley smirked when his hands were on her breasts, meaning that he was actually getting into this... plus, her breasts were her favorite things to be played with. Finally! He was released from the prison of his pants. She took a moment to look down at him, judging his length and soon deciding she couldn't wait to feel him buried deep inside her. Again, she pressed her body into his, a hand grasping his length.

    "Wanna know secret?" She whispered in his ear. "I don't have any panties on." Pressing her hips to his, she teased herself with the head of his member. "See?" With that, she pulled away from him and hoisted herself up on the counter, spreading her legs slightly. "Orrr... would you prefer totally naked?" She shrugged a bit and pulled her dress up and over her head.
  7. David gulped and he could swear that the words that girl was saying made his member grow a whole inch more. Walking next to her, he spread her legs and hold her naked body with his hands, finally able to tease those nipples with his fingers. His body got even more close, rubbing his cock against her crotch and starting to kiss her again. One of his hands, reluctantly stopped playing with her smooth breasts to travel all across her chest and belly and finally getting where their both members were eager to be introduced to each other.

    Then, David gently caressed her parts, slowly introducing into her one finger first, getting her wet and exploring where was he about to go into. Then two fingers, playfully touching her insides, getting soaked with her fluids. Finally, unable to wait for much more, he took out his fingers, used his sticky fingers to moisture her member and then aimed the tip of it towards her pussy. His kissing stopped and he separated his lips from her lips a few inches, just to be able to see her when he began to penetrate her. Pushing his hips against hers, he began fuck her slow and deep, taking his time to enjoy it and make her enjoy too.
  8. All his teasing! If she knew his name she would be begging him just to take her. Soon, one finger was inside her, but it wasn't enough.. Oohh.. two fingers. She bit her lower lip, sighing softly while he effortlessly worked her up. Now, it was time! His head pushed into her, and she eagerly looked down, watching him slide in. For a moment, she tightened around him until he slowly began to fuck her. Mmmmmmm... soo good.

    "Daaammmmnnnn," she groaned and tangled her fingers in his hair, bringing him back to her and roughly pressing her lips into his. Softly, she sucked his lower lip between her teeth as she let go of his hair and grazed her finger tips down his back. Once at his hips, she firmly pulled them towards him, sliding him into her faster. "Rougher," she whispered against his lips.
  9. "No need to ask twice, babe." Muttered him and then began to speed up the rhythm, and now that he had taken his time to explore her, he knew more than less where to push and how to push, so it wasn't just ramming his dick into her pussy, but more of a gentle rubbing to her most deep parts. Picking up a faster pace, he had to grab her tight, moving his hips in and out, beginning to sweat and breath heavier with every push. Leaning closer, it was David turn for the sexy kissing, so he began to kiss Kinley on the neck, taking his time to travel all the way to her right earlobe and then bite it really really softly as he kept fucking her, aiming to please her as much as he was getting pleased.
  10. Kinley clung tightly to his shoulder, grasping his shirt tightly. For a one night stand, he was doing such a good job... but maybe, it wouldn't be just a one night stand. That thought quickly disappeared when she felt his lips on her neck then his gentle bites on her ear. Soon, a moan escaped her bitten lip then another. Oh man, she definitely had to have more of him sometime.

    "Oh, please, don't stop," she begged lightly, slightly rocking her hips back and forth, getting him a little deeper. After a bit, she was in total ecstasy. Her thighs were squeezing his hips to the point of trembling. Little by little, her moans had gotten louder until she buried her face in his neck, stifling them as much as she could. Slowly, her pussy started tightening around him as he was building her up to her climax then at last, that point came.

    A loud moan filled the room as she relaxed against him, feeling the sweat of his cheek against hers. Chuckling softly, she pulled away and looked at him before placing several soft kisses on his lips. "I'm gonna have to give you my number, and we will definitely have to do that again." Kinley nodded then slid from the counter and went through his pants to find his phone. After successfully finding it, she took a picture of her nude self then set it as her contact photo before calling her phone to have his number.

    "Definitely going to do that again," was the last thing she said before putting her dress back on and leaving the bathroom, but that wouldn't be the last time he saw her that night. Well, it wouldn't be the last time she saw him at least. This boy was going to stay in her view and heaven forbid another girl tried to move in on him.... maybe it would be best to just stay by his side.

    After retrieving a couple beers, she searched for him and used the excuse of getting beverages for leaving his side. The night was filled with her glued to his side, nibbling his ear, rubbing his crotch, anything to keep his attention on her. That is, at least, until she was so intoxicated she couldn't function anymore and ended up laid out in a deck chair.

  11. That was the best sex I had in... Well, too long to remember, I guess, thought David as he dressed himself after his sexy session with Kinley. Looking at the naked photo of her, he walked out of the bathroom, to find out that the girl happened to be quite 'sticky', and at the beginning wasn't all that bothering, but after a couple of hours it began to be a little bit annoying. Of course, her touches and teasing made it all more bearable.

    Most of the people had already left for when David looked again at the clock. Getting up of the sofa, he looked around and then at Kinley again. Finally, all that alcohol had taken over her and David could finally walk without having her on him. "Hey, look at this slut." Said someone looking at Kinley with a couple of other guys. David knew by far what was going to happen in there of someone didn't do something. "Let's take her to the bedroom." Advised one of them.

    "None of that guys. That's my girlfriend." Said David as he pulled aside those guys and leaned over her, gently kissing her on the cheek. Well, nobody deserved to be raped by some random punks at a party... Even if she had drank half of the booze at that party, thought David. Then, grabbing her bridal style, before those guys realized they were three against one, he took her out of the house, and sat her on the hood of some car parked on the streets. David stood close to her between her legs, letting her lean over him while he tried to wake her up. "Girl. Girl, come on, time to go home."
  12. A frown started appearing on Kinley's face when she felt the coolness of the car hood on her thighs. Of course, the sound of someone speaking, and pretty close to her ear, wasn't all that pleasant either. Her eyelids flickered open and she found herself leaning against David with him between her legs. Before saying anything, she looked around at her surroundings, realizing that she was no longer in the house but outside. This was definitely an odd turn of events.

    "What are you doing?" Her head was spinning and just to keep herself steady, she put her forehead down on his shoulder and closed her eyes. Nope... didn't work. Kinley quickly leaned over to one side, throwing up. At least her stomach felt better. With a soft groan, she laid back on the car, placing her hand over her eyes. She wasn't in her right mind and didn't quite know what to do. "Ummmm...." she slowly pushed herself back into a sitting position. "I am just gonna sleep in my car." The girl pointed to the Xterra by the mailbox.

    Nodding a bit, she slid moved so he wasn't between her legs then slid off the car, stumbling a bit before making her way to her car. Of course, she only made a it a few steps before just falling and giving up, sitting Indian style. Even drunk, she knew there was no use in trying when she wasn't going to get anywhere. "I don't know why I do this to myself," she whined and held her forehead in her hands.
  13. David smiled. Seeing her trying to go places in that state was kind of cute. Truth was he wasn't in his bests neither, but having drank much less than she did, David was still in control of his body. Not for the police standards, so attempting to drive anything now would be a mistake. And that was why the idea of sleeping in someone's car sounded right, and not seeing around the car he had got here with, that Nissan seemed more comfortable than ever.

    Slowly walking next to Kinley, David sat next to her and looked at her as he gently put his arm around her back. "Come on, don't be too hard on yourself." Said him softly caressing her shoulders. "What do you say about trying to get to your car again?" Said David with a gentle smile, offering Kinley his help.
  14. She took his hand and hoisted herself up, leaning against him while guiding him to her Xterra. Forgetting that she had put her keys on top of the driver's side tire, she started to pat herself down. For a moment, her eyes widened in fright, thinking that her keys had dropped somewhere in the house. Smiling a bit, she kept herself steady by leaning against the car until she got to her tire and got her keys.

    Once she unlocked her car, she pulled down the back seats to make the trunk bigger. Clumsily, she climbs into her car then struggled with getting shoes off. When they were finally off and tossed somewhere, she laid down, starting to black out as soon as she closed her eyes. "Nooo," she said softly and sat up, not wanting to pass out yet. Well, not wanting to pass out until she cuddled up to him which she successfully did. "What is your name?" Kinley asked softly, passing out as soon as she asked.
  15. Honestly, the car was far from a bed, and David didn't saw sleeping on it comfortably until he lay next to Kinley, for what it looked like, at her demand. With a soft smile, David held her close and closed his eyes, drifting into sleep thanks to the sweet essence of her body. "Mmmm..." Replied him to her question, not really answering it due to the sudden tiredness brought by the warmth and cute breathing sounds of Kinley.

    The hours passed and it wasn't until the first beams of light entered into the car that David realized the actual uncomfortability of that sleeping place. Moaning softly, he opened his eyes and looked around, feeling stiff and a little bit out of place. Waking up in a car with a cute girl by his side was cool, but the party was over... oh yeah, the party... Oh, the bathroom... With a shy smile he gently kissed her in the neck and quietly made his way out of the car, letting her sleep for as long as she wanted to.

    Walking in front of Marco's house, David tried to think how to get back to the campus, and since he really needed to study once he got there, he decided to go on foot, that way he could stop at a coffee shop and grab something to wake him up and help him get rid of the hangover of the party. Sooner than later, he found what he was looking for, and after a really charged coffee and a small session of walking he made it to his room at the college. A quick shower and to the library we go.
  16. Nothing stirred her for a long time. It had to be late afternoon by the time she finally woke up. Rubbing her eyes, she sat up and looked around. Okay, she was in her car and not in some random bed! That's always a good thing, but she remembered the dude she slept with who was no where to be found. Furrowing her eyebrows, she searched around her phone that was soon found in the floorboard some how.

    "A missed call? Oh..." it was the call from when she gave him her number. Would it be appropriate for her to call him? Maybe later... She slipped out of the trunk and got in the front seat to head off to her apartment.

    "You left without me!" Emilee shouted as soon as Kinley opened the door. "Whatever. I didn't want to go anyway!"

    "Hush!" Kinley snapped back. "I am tired. I am going to shower then going... somewhere."

    After getting all cleaned, showered and dress in a simple outfit of jeans and a tank top, she settled on her bed to call the guy she had been with that night. All she could really remember was his sex. Damn it, sooo good. Just thinking about it made her want to have another go round. Hesitating for just a moment, she tapped call then put the phone to her ear, begging him softly to answer.

    "OH! Hi! This is Kinley. I.. uh... was wondering if you wanted to get lunch or dinner something? I need to thank you for... whatever you did last night. All I remember is how awesome you fucked me." She giggled softly, twirling a strand of black hair around her her finger. "But, yeah. I can be anywhere you are like right now. I have no plans."
  17. David was by then deep into his study, swimming with all those weird formulas and things on that damned book. Was when all of sudded his phone rang, and since the library was so silent, the phone felt twice as loud. Looking for it as fast as he could, clumsily dropping it on the table in the process, he finally managed to pick up the call and mutter apologies as he walked out of that place.

    Once on the hallways he allowed himself to be a little bit more loud, smiling at the memories of that sweet pussy of Kinley when she reminded what they did last night. "Oh, yeah... About that... Look, I had a great time with you last night, I really mean it... But you know, it was a party, we were a little bit drunk.... Besides, I really need to focus a little bit more on my studies..." Said David.
  18. "Oh." Her voice was flat after hearing his answer. For a moment, she allowed a silence to drag on before slowly saying, "Well, I won't take thaattt much time. I can even maybe help you?" All of a sudden her voice got light and playful. "Maybe give you some.... kind of... motivation?" Kinley smirked and started putting her shoes on, deciding that she was going to find him. What would it hurt? "I'm sure I am a good enough, prize? If that's a good word?" She picked up her purse and left, waving quickly at Emilee. "Where are you anyway? Maybe I could bring you at least some kind of snack?"

    Once in her car, she turned on the engine and started driving to campus, determined to see this man today.
  19. "Mmmm... I'm not sure, Kinley..." Muttered him. Sure was that this 'prize' she talked about was most assured something sinful and sweet... Still, he wasn't in the mood right now. But, hey, it was quite a long time since a girl cared about him that way... Well, as long as the thing doesn't gets too creepy it would be nice to have a little bit more of Kinley every now and then, right? "Alright, babe. I sure could use a rest... And that snack you talk about sounds great." Said David, finally giving up and accepting to see her again. "I'm at the library of the campus, the small one. You know where it is? The one behind the medicine faculty." Explained him.
  20. "I know where it is! I'll see you soon." She hung up and tossed her phone in the passenger seat, squealing a bit before setting off in the right direction. When she arrived, she had to keep herself calm as she walked into the library, actually holding a bag that had various types of chips. It didn't take her long to find the man she has been aching to see.

    Without saying anything to him, she drops the bag on the table then wraps her arms around his neck. Gently, she nibbled his ear before settling down in the chair next to him. "I found you." Her voice was low as she placed her feet in his lap and relaxed against the back of her chair. "You aren't a hard man to find, but I would like to know your name." Kinley chuckled. "OH! Sorry... what are you studying?" The girl pulled her feet from his lap and scooted closer to the table, acting like she was about to help and take a real interest which quickly faded. "Orrr, could you use a break?" Kinley bit her lower lip and placed a hand on his inner thigh.