So guys! I'm wondering if any of you would be interested in a project of mine...

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Should I make the database detailed in my post below?

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  1. Hi there peeps of Iwaku! Just for fun, and reference if any member should wish to use it, I was going to check and see how many people would be interested in helping me out with a project. This said project would be making a simple, easy to navigate website dedicated to fantasy/mythological/fiction creatures of any kind. A database. I am going to start working on this little brain child of mine this weekend. Mind you, I will try to be accurate with entries, but I am going to throw in a few things that I might find interesting (ex: some people believe there are different groups of vampires, some believe there are just one, in that case there would be a base page on the regular general vampire and sub pages featuring the others) as well. I am looking for help! I am going to make a group about this, and I would love for people to get involved and help me brainstorm, or to help research! What's your opinions? And who would be interested? XD Let's discuss.
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  2. I, for one, would love this! Not only would it be good as a reference, it would also be great as inspiration. There are a few sites I use for mythological nonsense, but none of them are quite what I wish they were, so I'm all about your idea. :)
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  3. YAY! (happy dances) Would you be interested in helping? :3
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  4. I don't trust Wikipedia. Anyone can edit articles. I might get some images there though. But I just wanna make a database solely for this purpose. Not an abundance of other info to sort through lol
  5. That's actually false. Wikipedia cites its sources for everything up on their website. People can edit things to be wrong. But one person changing something is quickly fixed by the piles of moderators that check those sorts of edits.

    What you're looking to do would be a huge undertaking if you're looking to add every mythological creature. Unless you're looking to just make a database for the things you like this seems a bit bigger than a little side project.
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  6. That's why I was asking other people here if they would be interested too. It just seems like something fun to do, and like Asena said, I can't seem to find any one source that really has what I look for. I couldn't possibly hope to obtain everything, but I can add to it along. :) It's not really a project I expect to complete overnight.
  7. Good idea! I don't have a lot of free time these days, but I'd definitely be willing to help out here and there if needed. Are you planning to pay for this site, or are you going to create it using a free server?
  8. I don't have the money to pay for it, so it will have to be free. I'm having issues with sites right now though lol.
  9. I would love to help you, mainly because I have a lot of knowledge about different mythologies and if I add something that isn't that known in an RP my partners get confused sometimes :/

    Count me in!
  10. Yay! You could help me out then? :D
  11. I cannot help at the moment, but I'll try to when I get the chance. It's a wonderful Idea.
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  12. Just get back to me when you can! I'm gonna make a group for it when I get to my computer.
  13. What precisely are you going to do that's different from the other fantasy-creature databases out there? It might help if you elaborated on what you're actually gonna do differently, if for some reason the reams and reams of currently-existing ones are somehow lacking.
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  14. It's just hard for me to find one that is satisfactory for my tastes. Example. If I go type in vampire in a search engine I've got to filter through a bunch of stuff just to get to something I can use then nine times out of ten it's not the type of information im looking for and I wanted a side project lol. I thought it could be something fun to work on. :)
  15. My answer is not a simple yes, but a hell fucking yeah I'm in!
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  16. YAY!!!!! XD Progress will be slow though until the first week of december.
  17. I'll attempt to help, though there is no way I can promise constant assistance or good/helpful assistance at any time ^^"
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  18. I was going to help until I realized that you wanted to catalog only existing mythical creatures. There's already plenty websites for that ( has a pretty comprehensive list with details), and hell I would personally have loved to have a bestiary of NEW cryptozoological creations. Would have been awesome.
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