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  1. If you've seen the trailer, there's one question I have to ask of you.


    Personally, I don't see ANY reason to want to side with Hoshido. I mean yah sure I'll play through both, but why would you ever choose anything but Nohr? Who ever raised you is leagues above whoever claims you as their blood.
  2. So what you're saying is, you can't see why anyone would want to side with the purportedly peaceful Hoshido over the apparently [​IMG] analogish Nohr?

    Nothing wrong with that, clearly.
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  3. So you should abandon and try to kill the very people who raised you because of that? There are smarter ways to deal with that, ESPECIALLY when you are what seems to be the nobility.
  4. I'm not expecting that to be the toughest choice the player'll have to make.

    It'll probably be something along the lines of "Kill this person you knew for the longest that wound up being a traitor?" or something. >.>

    I'd choose Hoshido...
    They presented themselves better.

    Kidding, I honestly know too little to choose at this point.
  5. Even if they absolutely refused to listen to you?

    I'm not trying to start a huge debate here, but I think it's reasonable to say someone might have a problem with Nohr and its apparent war for nothing more than glory.

    Personally, I sure as hell would tell my own dad to fuck himself if he wanted me to kill people for "glory".
  6. Well yah I would too, but I do think they played Nohr as a little too evil. Then again they said the major point of Nohr was to be to change them from the inside out.

    Maybe it's the whole major point of "Blood vs. Family" that has me totally one sided. I was grew up believing in putting the family first, so naturally I'd side with my family agreeing with their actions or no.

    I'm also curious as to what the 3rd route will be about.
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  7. Given the information from the trailer?

    Peace > War.

    But there's probably other factors and elements involved in-game I'd have to consider as well.
    Fire Emblems tends get more deep and insightful than people will give it credit for.

    Other than Spec Ops the Line, Fire Emblem is the game I'd say does the best job in addressing some of the realism's and horrors of war.
  8. *Flips coin*

    There we go. That's the one I'll play first. After that, Hishado apparently.

    I mean outside of FE10, I've replayed every single one at least three times. Hell, I've replayed FE7 so much it's at least approaching 40 playthroughs.
  9. Well, at least we get to chose. From what I've heard and what the picture below might imply, in Japland they're getting the two separate stories as different games for the U.S. equivalent of 15 bucks each. Which admittingly is still cheaper than a normal 3DS game. But who knows how much the 3rd story DLC route will cost.

  10. So... it's like Pokemon?

    Because wouldn't they still need to do completely different plot lines?
    I hope.
    Please don't have them just copy paste the same campaign and just re-skin the characters.
  11. Nah, the plot lines are supposedly very different.

    Hoshido is suppose to be your standard FE game. Also said to be much easier.

    Nohr is suppose to be different from the standard formula, on top of being a lot harder.

    At least I think we're going to get both games at once if what I'm led to believe is correct. I'm not sure if it'll be some special edition kind of mixed game, or just getting both cartridges. I might grab the digital edition if it is different cartridges.
  12. I like Nohr's designs way better, so will probably side with them. I'll start over as Hoshido immediately after I finish it, though.

    I also tend to side with chaos on law vs chaos spectrums in general, which is what this seems to be.

    I love the delicious drama of abandoning your family for Hoshido in that route, though. That should have some fun situations.
  13. I like how the European expys have the obviously Japanese name Hoshido while the Japanese expys have the obviously non-Japanese name Nohr. It's like Pokemon Black and White or something. :awesome:
  14. You sure about that? Hoshido are definitely giving me the Japanese vibe going for them. Well, except for the "peace-loving" part.
  15. If that's the case then that trailer really confused things for me. I thought it was the other way around. I can't even remember which titles appeared when and for who. :I

    The truly screwy thing is that this game is coming out in 2016 for us. Like. What. Why?
    • side with stupid Japanese aesthetics, boring waifus, full of shit classes like swordmaster and nomad, and a shorter, easier story
    • side with superior european aesthetics, best waifus, paladins, knights and wyvern riders, with more story and challenge.
    As if there was even a choice..
  16. A conversation (mostly a monologue) I had on skype about FEIF, where I talk about what I noticed in the trailer. There are spoilers for FE13 within, if anyone cares.

    Show Spoiler
    [1:58:37 PM | Edited 1:59:05 PM] Sqawl:
    [1:58:40 PM] Sqawl: this is adorable
    [1:58:46 PM | Edited 1:58:59 PM] Sqawl: and I'mgonnaletyoufinish
    [1:58:47 PM] Sqawl: but
    [1:58:54 PM] Sqawl: the Avatar was never called My Unit
    [1:58:57 PM] Valentyne: and the spotlight dark magic got in the Nohr part of the trailer + ice magic being a thing gives me hope for separate magic types again
    [1:59:33 PM] Valentyne: [1:58 PM] Sqawl:
    [1:59:43 PM] Sqawl: (in the Japanese version, s/he is called Maiyunitto in kana, which is obviously "my unit" but never actually called "My Unit" in English)
    [1:59:56 PM] Valentyne: the name "avatar" loses some of its meaning in FEIF though
    [1:59:58 PM] Valentyne: kinda makes me sad
    [2:00:03 PM] Valentyne: it was so fitting in fe13
    [2:00:05 PM] Sqawl: (so calling the avatar My Unit is like calling Caellach Cethelreda)
    [2:00:06 PM] Sqawl: yeah...
    [2:00:20 PM] Valentyne: inb4 kamui is also the incarnation of a god
    [2:00:32 PM] Valentyne: I mean, we do see them transform into the deer/dragon thing...
    [2:00:39 PM] Valentyne: inb4 laguz lord
    [2:01:31 PM] Sqawl: A kamui is a shintō spirit or something iırc so maybay
    [2:01:31 PM] Sqawl: also, what's going to happen to Kamui from FE2 though
    [2:01:32 PM] Valentyne: also, I love the part of the trailer where the dancer-lord flashes between the two colors
    [2:02:13 PM] Valentyne: wait I just noticed
    [2:02:24 PM] Valentyne:
    [2:02:26 PM] Valentyne: this Nohr guy
    [2:02:33 PM] Valentyne: is in dark-knight esque armor and carrying a purple tome
    [2:02:37 PM] Valentyne: which is always dark magic
    [2:02:39 PM] Valentyne: ~
    [2:02:45 PM] Sqawl: yay
    [2:03:04 PM] Valentyne: so even if magic isn't separated, we'll see more justice for classes like dark knight
    [2:03:04 PM] Sqawl: Hopefully the sides will each have a dark/light magic focus to bring back the magic types
    [2:03:08 PM] Valentyne: yeah
    [2:03:18 PM] Sqawl: "Tomes" being a single weapon type is cringe-worthy imo
    [2:03:20 PM] Valentyne: yep
    [2:04:26 PM] Valentyne: we do see the Hoshidan archer's bow glowing with light
    [2:04:35 PM] Valentyne: and on that note, the Nohr knight has a dark sword
    [2:04:43 PM] Valentyne: while lobster lord has a (blue!!!) electric sword
    [2:05:27 PM] Valentyne: [proceeds to watch trailer over and over again to scour it for information]
    [2:05:55 PM] Sqawl: lobster lord?
    [2:05:57 PM] Sqawl: son of Walhart?
    [2:06:03 PM] Valentyne: the Hoshidan swordmaster lol
    [2:06:07 PM] Sqawl: ah
    [2:06:28 PM] Valentyne: the Hoshidans seem to have a statue of Naga
    [2:06:42 PM] Valentyne: or some dragon
    [2:06:45 PM] Valentyne: but I'm guessing Naga
    [2:07:29 PM] Valentyne: I also just noticed that the Hoshidan swordmaster (not lobster lord) shot down by Nohr also has a blue-glowing sword
    [2:07:41 PM] Valentyne: and looks like a recolored lobster lord for that matter
    [2:08:07 PM] Valentyne: and I think we can assume that the Nohr knight is a prince
    [2:08:36 PM] Valentyne: judging by his line in the last trailer ("Father... Why?" or something like that iirc) and the evil-king looking guy in this trailer
    [2:10:29 PM] Valentyne: also, the Nohr girl with gigantic pigtails is seen holding a staff, while her apparent Hoshidan equivalent isn't carrying anything
    [2:10:35 PM] Valentyne: not sure what that would mean though
    [2:14:01 PM] Valentyne:
    this frame is odd because it shows a unit with red hair and one with purple hair
    but we don't see any purple haired Hoshidans or red haired Nohrish
    [2:15:08 PM] Valentyne: also note in one of the battles shown, the guy in the purple cloak spins around, and a little glow like the support bonus from fe13 shows up on him and...the enemy cavalier he attacks
    [2:15:16 PM] Valentyne: guessing it's a skill that debuffs
    [2:15:20 PM] Valentyne: like an opposite dual support +
    [2:15:57 PM] Valentyne:

    The sum of it, if you don't want to read through that:

    Dark magic is given kind of a spotlight in the Nohr part of the trailer, and with the whole dynamic of the two countries, I hope Hoshido will bring back light magic so we have the trinity of magic again, instead of just Tomes. Also to note (and more concrete) is the fact that a Dark Knight is shown using dark magic, so it looks like they won't be scammed out of it this time around.
    A kamui is a spirit in Ainu mythology.
    The Hoshidan archer's bow seems to glow with what's definitely not any magic type in FE13 (read: light), so that makes me a little hopeful, since we see the Nohr prince with a dark-sword and the Hoshidan swordmaster with an electric sword. Which is blue, while most lightning in previous Fire Emblem games, since Path of Radiance, has been yellow. The other Hoshidan swordmaster, seen being shot down by Nohr, has a similar sword, and even similar hair.
    The Hoshidans seem to have a statue of Naga, which makes me think Nohr will have something to do with a dark dragon.
    I think the Nohrish knight (with the dark-sword) is a prince judging by his line in the last trailer (which was "Father...Why?" iirc), and I think we see his father in this trailer (the evil old guy).
    The Nohr girl with gigantic twintails is seen holding a staff, but her apparent Hoshidan equivalent isn't carrying anything. I have no idea what this could mean, though.
    This frame is odd because it shows an allied red haired unit and an allied purple-haired unit, even though all of the red haired units we see are from Hoshido and all of the purple-haired units are from Nohr.
    In one of the battles shown, the guy in the purple cloak spins around and makes a little red glow very similar to the support one from FE13, except that it seems to affect the enemy cavalier, and gives him +5 something (I can't read it, would be nice if someone who could would translate it for me. I'm guessing Hit though). I would guess it's some kind of debuffing skill.
  17. Well, there's always the chance of being able to recruit your enemies. Maybe we can capture them or something?

    Although the only people worth capturing in Hoshido is imouto and red head tomboy girl.
  18. I'm mainly hoping they get rid of the child system from awakening.
    It was interesting, but hate the idea of forcibly pairing certain characters together in order to 'unlock' certain characters or certain versions of them.
    I also don't like the idea of that basically all the characters used early game are in a sense obsolete to later ones, takes a way a lot of the value in investment in the early chapters.
  19. I'm pretty sure they will, because keeping it would mean an FE4 style timeskip or more time travel shenanigans, neither of which I think they'll do again.
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