So For Those Of You Who Didn't Get The Memo...

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I had, for sometime been gone. At the time I wasn't sure if I'd ever show back up. As the place had misteriously disapeared that I figured would have been a good place to post that, I settled with the cheap and unreliable alternative... Aka the Cbox.

A few months later my personal problems all settled (for now) and I can look at being on the site again but no where near in the capacity I was before. Again though I can't see anywhere more apropriate to post this memo (if there is by all means move the thread, would rather not clutter up the wrong section).

So yeah, I'm back.
I think it's fine to post this here :) Welcome back! I was starting to wonder where you'd run off to o_o
Yep, memos of returning go here, even if you're being only a little active.

Welcome back, Sly. <3
welcome back person.

;eyes and narrows and watches.;

don't worry, i don't bite... hard.