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  1. I have role played almost my entire teenage career and into my adult hood, I belonged to a site called DollWizard about 6 years ago, and I was there for about 4 years before that. I loved that site, everyone knew each other, we were all friends. That site has since died (believe me I checked already) and then I found this one and Roleplayer Guild. Iwaku has more options, so I tend to stay here more now than Role Player Guild.
    I noticed the messages from the site itself a few weeks in a row about voting for the best RP site, and I voted. A lot. For Iwaku of course. Today I got curious and went and looked at what the hell is that?
    It looks EXACTLY like MySpace did when it first came out, and I cant find anything that deals with RP or is it just me?
  2. Um, I don't know for sure because I've never signed up but when I checked it out (like ten seconds ago), it looks like you're completely right. I noticed that "Bruno Mars" and a couple of other "celebrities" were online at the time, so I'm thinking it's some sort of social media RP page. I know they have a sub-culture on Facebook that does that, it might just be that element made into a site.

    Looks kinda lame from what I saw, imo
  3. That is what I thought too, nothing but a bunch of crap.
    I prefer sites like this, ones where creativity flows.
    Not a bunch of already been used ideas.
    I don't know....craziness.
  4. Yeah, Iwaku's pretty cool from what I've seen so far. I've only ever been on one other RP site (Gaiaonline, don't judge, I was like 14 and it took 3 years before I realized it was completely bogus ((again, imo)) ) and the only thing I'm adjusting to here is the lack of members. It says in the bottom column that Iwaku has just over 5,000 members (unless I'm reading that wrong), Gaia had like that much just online when it was like 4 in the morning. WAYYYY more people, but it kinda sucked ass because there was no sense of community; just cliques. Posting speed was nuts, but in a matter of minutes, you'd have to bump threads just to stay relevant. I dig the smaller community with a more loyal base.

    By the way, in terms of, who the hell wants to RP as a celebrity? That just seems.. Stupid to me haha
  5. It seems stupid to me also!
    Another thing I saw on there was a thread for "Adoption Papers".
    Okay I have never heard of such a thing, what are they like 3 years old?
    You actually want people to treat you like a child?
    People are WAYYY to stupid for me sometimes.
  6. Adoption papers..? What the fuck?
  7. Ah, well, well! Another former Gaiaonline member. While I'm with you on the cliques aspect, I was with Gaia before I came here, since I was a teenager up until late last year. Although I'd been inactive in role playing there for a year already. I got online just to check things - I had made some good friends on there and had some pretty fruitful role plays, but again I'm with you: The posting speed was ridiculous - post just to have to go back and edit because somebody else posted before you and changed things. Then there were those that lasted all of a day and died. Saw plenty of that. But there was a severe blockage in the flow of creativity, unlike Iwaku. Iwaku is... so much more free than Gaia.

    But answer me this if you will - and this is half of my reason for replying here aside from the urge to say that I don't understand who in the world would want to role play as a celebrity. I suppose unless perhaps it was an original character and the role play called for it. I can only imagine all the teenage Justin Beaver fans foaming at the mouth at the opportunity to play him... But anywho! I didn't realize until I saw in the community hub that there's really anyone on Iwaku that does a posting format/layout - like on Gaia. But I hardly think the community hub is the proper place to be posting it. >>; And adoption papers..? Seriously? For what?
  8. I might just be tired or stupid, you may not even be talking to me, but what exactly is the question..? The "But answer me this if you will" part, I don't get it
  9. Yeah I know right?? They are literally these applications that people fill out to "adopt" the person.
    I saw one that said "Please fill out only if interested I don't want to accept you and then have you abandon me."
    Like STFU REALLY???
    LOL I can understand playing adoption in an RP, but that sounds like some kind of attachment deal to me.
  10. Hahahaha. And people say we're messed up for living in a fantasy world, that's some serious mommy and daddy issues going on right there. Resurrect Sigmund Freud, we've got a situation on our hands
  11. Eh, everyone enjoys role-playing in different ways. I personally am not interested in that form of role-playing - which is why I'm here, instead! But if someone wants to 'adopt' someone else, or make up fancy posting layouts, then let 'em do what they wanna do. They're not hurting anyone, right?
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  12. I would rather live in my fantasy worlds than deal with that crap.
    People are so trite.
  13. Ah, sorry. I wasn't clear. Why bother with posting layouts? This isn't Gaia. I was kind of relieved coming here to not have to write coding for fancy posts. I just don't quite understand the point anymore. I suppose if that's what you're into, more power to you, but still. A name and a picture is fine, but anything is just kind of burdensome isn't it? At least, in my opinion.
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  14. Oh for sure @Fauna they are not hurting anyone at all!
    I just find it....weird.
    hahaha...I cant wrap my little head around it.

  15. I agree, I'm just poking fun at things I don't understand. Aka, being ignorant xD
  16. Gotcha. Yeah, it is. The whole avatar thing was just stupid; I ended up having this buddy IRL who sold his WoW account and made like 2 million gold and gave it to me. I bought all of the monthly collectibles at the time and decked myself out, instantly I was apart of the "cool crowd." All I have to say in defense of Gaia is: There were some funny ass trolls on there
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  17. Yup. I did the same, that is with the MC's. But I like that you can make your avi here whatever you want it to be, so much more personalized. =3 ..Wow?
  18. World of Warcraft. I didn't realize anyone was unfamiliar with that acronym hahaha :-P Never got into the whole MMORPG scene myself, but like 6-7 years ago, it was the shit for teenage, nerdy boys
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  19. Yeah, I realized that after I signed off. I'm not a gamer, so things I'm really not too familiar with escape me. XD
  20. The code structure of myspace is open source, I thiiiink. O_O So anyone can take the script that runs myspace and create their own site with it. It's either that, or there is a myspace copy code that's out there and free.

    And cliques are here on Iwaku too. XD Cliques are just groups of friends with similar personalities and behaviors. If you have a group of friends, you are in a clique too. They only people not in cliques are the loner-types that don't talk to anyone and don't have any friends to hang out with. And that's pretty rare if you're roleplayer. It is only a problem when the most dominant group of people are assholes and running the joint. O_O Sometimes Iwaku goes through moments where the most active people are the loud jerky ones too. It comes and goes in phases. Seasonal evolution!

    I have never understood wanting to roleplay as a real person or celebrity either. >< It's a little strange for me, but I suppose I can get the appeal since celebrities aren't treated like real people. They are kind of elevated as this strange god status.
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