So, Eevee anyone?

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  1. Hi, people! I'm new here, though I've actually been roleplaying on other forum sites for a few years now. Now, I love fantasy roleplay, and more specifically I love Pokemon-Verse! Especially when I get to be an adorable little Gijinka~ So, that's all you need to know about me. For now. Muahahahahaha!
  2. Such cuteness. How does such extraordinary amount of cuteness fit into such a little picture? Welcome. Allow me to be so forward as to pet your avatar's fluffy little bunny-eared head.
  3. Oooo... One of my friends will love you! LOL (because he is an Eevee fanatic)
    Say... one of my friends is an Eevee too, go figure.
  4. Oh, please. Go ahead and pet these fluffy Eevee ears of mine. I love being pet!
  5. *pets* Oh, how soft! n_n
  6. Oh god oh god oh god.
    -Squeezes the newbie and doesn't let go.-
    You are ADORABLE.
    Your avi, siggy just make me so happy. ; _;

  7. Be warned One can be ute but can be daedly O^o
  8. Oh?
    -Flashes bright, yellow eyes that burn of fire from Thebes-
  9. *She smiled at the petting, squeaking when she was suddenly pulled into the hold of someone else who was fangirling. She squirmed around, blushing bright red.* H-hey! I-I can't breath!
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  10. Welcome to Iwaku... enjoy your stay!

    -Tugs her out so she can breathe and returns to his nordic wolfiness-
  11. I love eevees! They are my favorite, I would love to rp play with you anytime if you would like,just pm me :3
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  12. *She panted softly and put her hand to her chest as she was allowed to breath.* Thank you... And I would love to RP with any of you dangerously kind people.
  13. Dangerously kind.
    I like that. Good band name.
    I shall also offer my hand out for a roleplay, Miss Eevee. ~ Because I too clearly adore Pokemon.
    And lots of other things. - w-

    I hope you enjoy it here.
  14. Well, I'm usually up for something so let me know.
  15. Well, if you rosey people would start up some messaging, I have a few ideas in mind.
  16. Best part about Eevee? UMBREON >=D
  17. I personally prefer Vaporeon...
  18. I like me some SYLVEON.

    I just like Eevee.
    And Espeon.
  19. Sylveon is adorable. But it's bows are made of flesh.
  20. Hi, Eevee Vicky. Here's a water stone.

    ~Hands water stone....~