So. Depression sucks. But you can overcome it.

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  1. Hello. My name is not important for this exercise. I suffer from recurring depressions, often triggered by stress and drastic changes such as the fact that my country lacks sunlight for long periods of time in winter. I have struggled with incredibly low selfesteem since I was 10. I was bullied, I am sure many of us have been there. I have suffered abuse, physical and mental at the hand of bigoted and scared people. I have lost friends to disease, family to.

    So why am I telling you this?

    Because no matter how fucking hard a Depression hits you, you can overcome it. You can, even if you just want to curl up and die. I used to sit in my old apartment, I didn't dare let anyone talk to me. I would make sure I knew when people weren't going to be around, so i could do my grocery runs without running into friends. I isolated myself from EVERYONE. And what I did, was to lie to everyone, but mostly to myself. I told myself it was better that way, that It was worthless. This isn't the truth, nothing is worthless. Effort itself is needed, striving towards something, no matter how miniscule a hope, is what humans are all about. And the world, even if we see as a terrible mess half the time, is worth fighting for.

    What I am rambling about here is, do not give up hope. When you sit at home, and you feel it encroach, reach out to someone you trust. Keep your chin up. Everyone of you are worth it, everyone of you who ever stared at the mirror with self loathing, know that you are lying to yourself when you put yourself down. And know that somewhere, there is always love to be found. ANd there are people who can help you. Its different for everyone, nobody has ever the exact same experience. Seek help. Find your light. Cling to it, claw at it untill its inside you. Stay strong.

    Much love.
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  2. Thank you for posting this. Very, very inspirational. I love threads like this; threads that are meant to show people that they aren't alone in the world and go out of their way to help others. Thank you for posting this and sharing.
  3. As someone who has spent the better part of their life in the grip of severe chronic depression, anxiety disorder and PTSD, thanks for your intelligence, sensitivity, graciousness and lack of sugar-coating the stuff people like us usually cannot abide listening to. Dunno if I'm at a point where I can fully accept and take your words on board in my own life, but I WANT to someday, and that's something, I guess.
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  4. @Eidolon.Mandragora

    As it's different for everyone, I can only say that the fact that you WANT to apply it to yourself is a posetive in itself. As I think we both know, depression has a ability to force you into a state of apathy.
  5. @Hellis

    Yep, I'm pretty sure apathy is the biggest hurdle within the whole complex of big-ass hurdles. : |