So... DC or Marvel?

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  1. I much prefer DC, since the heroes just seem much more badass, and the world is a lot darker, y'know?

    Plus, we have some of the most iconic characters from DC!

    Batman, Joker, Superman, Catwoman, etc.

    (Though I can't deny Marvel's heroes. (Basically just the Avengers. And X-Men. And Spidy. Can't forget Spidy.) )

    But is it just me? I mean... Some pretty gruesome shit happens in DC.

    Marvel just seems a lot more light-hearted. (NotSayingThatIt'sALightUniverseKay)
  2. I always say DC villains, Marvel Superheroes.

    But I can't make a definitive decision lmao.
  3. Amalgam Comics. Case closed.
  4. I tend to lean more Marvel, but I do like DC quite a bit.

    I would like to point out that a lot of the artists and writers have worked for both companies, so a lot of the tone and style carries over freely. I can also say there's a lot of dark and extremely graphic Marvel properties (complete with a Mortal Kombat-like glimpse at internal anatomy), and even popular heroes can have some very mature, adult-oriented content.

    You can more or less find anything to your tastes with either Marvel or DC.
  5. Shoulda been a poll~

    *googles which one has iron man*

    Marvel I guess
  6. I'm DC through and through, but I like some Marvel stuff as well. Depends on what heroes I'm in the mood for.
  7. Neither because I'm not a nerd.
  8. I was raised more on Marvel. So Marvel.
  9. Marvel all day errday.
  10. Wait, did you seriously not know? The movies do a pretty bang up job beating your eyes senseless with giant Marvel logos before the movie starts.

    You're on a roleplaying site, son. You're a turbonerd.
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  11. I wait until the actual movie starts to pay attention, until someone starts talking in usually getting popcorn, getting comfy, texting, or possibly all three
  12. Agreed, but I would really limit that to "Batman Villains, Marvel Superheroes." Batman is the only DC Superhero who is really interesting.

    This being said, I would take Vertigo over both DC and Marvel. Vertigo's pretty much the only redeemer in the DC family franchise, but they operate in such an often separate way I don't really view them as the same.

    Shoutout to Dark Horse for doing its own thang.
  13. You're one of those EVIL movie-goers!
  14. But... how? There's been like a dozen Marvel movies. I can see my Age of Ultron Blu Ray case from here and it says Marvel on the front. They don't hide that stuff, and I know there's been several discussions about Marvel stuff on this very forum.

    Missing the whole "WE'RE MARVEL KIDS!" thing at this point is like not noticing the sun.
  15. HA.

    But yeah, I can see the reasoning for liking Marvel.

    Remember I didn't say that Marvel was a light Universe.

    Just that DC is darker.

    See, I love comic books, bros. (As if that wasn't obvious.)

    (-Literally made a thread about comic book universes.-)


    I also feel like better villians make a better Universe. Aaaaaaaaand.... The only Marvel villian I like is seriously Loki. But everybody likes Loki. So.....

    But I dunno. Maybe I'm a little biased. Lel.
  16. WILDSTO--*gets shot*
  17. I'm not a superheroes person though; to me Marvel and DC are just two superhero-story-makers, and keeping straight which heroes belong to which is just too much effort.

    I kinda like Iron man, my ex got me to watch the movies with them and I found them relatively enjoyable, mostly for Robert Downey Juniorman's sass. The story itself seemed pretty cliche and I didn't enjoy th villain character

    You notice thins you like and are interested in. I don't like superheroes as a genre, nor am I interested, so I guess my brain kind of glosses over this 'DC Kids' thing of which you speak.​
  18. DC? Darker?

    *holds up 'Alias' issues 1-26*
  19. Speaking as someone who just watches the movies? Marvel.

    DC struck gold with The Dark Knight, but that was it for them.
    Marvel for me has been consistently amazing.
  20. V E R T I G O B O Y S

    Image has been kicking ass lately too.
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