So Comes Our Retribution: The Beginning



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October 13, 2009

The sins of man cannot be pushed aside any longer. Far too long has the human race been rotting away. Life is no longer something to cherish, it is a disease festering with sin! The disease has spread to the point where the only way to cleanse it--is through annihilation. So dark are the desires of man that he shall bring about his own demise in the end. You have been warned, and you have taken no steps of your own. So now, it is my turn. The world will be painted red and the heavens will cry crimson tears of cleansing. The end is nigh, and the end will bring rebirth... 

The Red Death

Many notes similar to this have been sent to leaders around the world, creating quite the shock. No one knows who this mysterious individual is who calls their self "The Red Death" or TRD for short. All they know is that they pose a serious threat to the wellbeing of the world population as their intention is made clear: massive genocide of the human population. Our leaders tell us not to fear, but we can clearly see fear lingering in their own lies...

October 27, 2009

It's been two weeks since the note has been published in the newspapers. Mysterious disappearances and deaths have been occurring around the world. The leaders are trying to keep the population calm, but it is obvious that this isn't a threat anymore. Worse yet, some sort of sickness is beginning to effect small countries killing easily in groups of hundreds or so. The identity of The Red Death still remains a mystery, but most are blaming them for this ordeal...

December 25, 2009

The death tolls are rising. Martial law has been put into effect in many of our world's countries. Riots have been breaking out all over the world as the sickness continues to escalate. No one seems to be safe! On this Christmas day no joy will be spread, only tears and grief. We advise you stay inside and don't venture out for a while. The disease seems to be spread through the air and through the blood to the best of our knowledge…no place is safe.

January 25, 2010

Did I not warn you that the sins of man would not go unpunished for very long? Already the effects of your own sinful ways are coming back around to take your very lives. Justice will be served. Today, I declare war upon the remaining people who still hold strong in their filthy ways. You will find that the very things that you thought would save you will only come to be your demise. May the Lord have mercy on your tainted souls!

Death only awaits you,
The Red Death

So it begins the world on the verge of dying has gone to war, but with what or who? Sadly we fight more amongst each other. Who is this Red Death? Why do they wish such horrid things upon us?! No more! No more!! The end is nigh! Darkness shall be the last any of us sees in this cruel world...The Red Death will spare none in the end...
War is a terrible thing. It destroys so much to gain so little. Yet still war rages on. In the year 2009 a Great War raged started by an entity simply known as The Red Death, and a pandemic like none other was released. Their goal (The Red Death): to wipe out humanity and all the sins it caused in the world in order to bring about a new birth and cleansed population. Life as we knew it ceased to be the same, ceased to really be alive. 

However, the world cannot stand still forever and must eventually move on. As war ravaged the lands, the earth became an apocalyptic shadow of itself. It seemed as if no hope was left for humanity and that the Red Death had its wish fulfilled. However, humans have always been stubborn creatures, and they do not so easily just 'disappear'. Humanity still survives.

It's been two years since the War of the Red Death ended and is currently the year 2029. The world has grown into a wild place with only remnants of what we used to call civilization. Glorious cities of old lay in ruins and technology is broken or dead, thus rudimentary at best (though guns still exist). The wildlife has spread into the deserted cities making them look like sci-fi replicas of what they once were. Humans are no longer the top of the food chain, but are the prey to other animals.

The disease that spread through the world, called the Red Plague, either killed the person, maimed them, or changed them completely into blood thirsty mutants; only a very small portion of humans were found to be immune, or managed to escape. The disease seems to only infect one now if there is direct liquid contact. The world has become a dark place indeed with little promise of a bright future.

Those fortunate, or unfortunate, to still be alive live in fear and dread each day and slowly the human population is dying. So enters you, a wearisome survivor of these dark times. The survivors will need to band together and try to fight for their lives and fight for humanity. Perhaps they will be able to rebuild life and start over, learning from their horrific mistakes. But first they need to find each other and then they need to find safety from the cruelties of the new dark world.

Beware, though, The Red Death is still watching and waiting, intent on their plans being fully carried out. 

So starts the first chapter in So Comes our Retribution...may god have mercy on our damned souls...
Some Information To Know

The Infection--
How is it spread?
In the past the infection was spread through either bodily liquid contact or through the air and water supply, but humans aren't completely ignorant and found ways to get around this form of infection and gained some immunity to the air and water born strains. The virus, though, evolved now taking the more direct route. The infection is now spread purely through direct liquid contact e.g. blood to blood, bite, saliva or blood in any open orifice etc.
How long does the infection take?
The person doesn't turn into an infected or, as some have affectionately called them, zombie right away. First, the person goes through a period of being very terminally ill. The first signs of sickness appear within 5 hours of contact. Once infected there is no saving the person from the infection; you either kill them or let the disease run its course. Once the first symptoms occur, they have maybe 24 hours before the sickness runs its course.
What happens to the person infected?
The first signs of the infection taking hold are that the skin begins to become very pale and clammy while they being to run a very high temperature. The veins begin to strikingly show through their arms and legs. Eventually their eyes will take on either a highly bloodshot appearance or a milky appearance, this marks the true turning point. Their body will reject any food or liquid you try to give it and the body will seem to be eating itself from the inside out. The skin starts sinking upon their face making them look like mummified images of their former self, and their body will start to undergo random bursts of spasms. That is when you know the disease has made its way to the brain. At this point they only have hours or moments left of humanity. With a sigh they will pass away and possibly become reanimated, or they will simply turn into blood thirsty monsters with no signs of humanity left in them, and an unyielding hunger for fleshy meat.
What kind of monsters/zombies are they?
Not all of the infected are actually reanimated corpses, some are still very much alive people that can be possibly cured if one could be found. Those who have died and come back to life tend to be less animated and react like the slow brainless zombies we all know from video games of yonder. Thus we just refer to them as 'Zombies'.

The ones who simply turned into flesh hungry monsters are the ones to really look out for. They still have some brain functioning left, though their capacity is still very primal, but they are able to think and move quickly. Strong and strangely athletic, they can still plan things out and tend to congregate in organized groups hungry for survival. Their survival means your death, so you might want to kill them before they kill you. These types of zombies are known as the 'Scavengers'.

There are also a few strains of the virus that have affected animals. Mostly canines and felines have been spotted, though. The animals infected loose most of their hair and are every bit the intimidating dead-looking creatures our minds might imagine (spittle, razor sharp teeth, and wild tempers included). Always sleek bodied, with well defined musculature, they are just called 'Dark Beasts' (for lack of originality)

Survival Tips--
Any Weaknesses?
Though scary and somewhat strong, they are not invincible and they do have weaknesses. The Zombies though slow have the advantage of not having to sleep so they tend to wander day or night, but its their slowness that becomes their weakness as they can be the easiest to escape. Be careful, because they tend to come in hordes out of nowhere.

The Scavengers, still alive, are in need of sleep to rejuvenate themselves. Thus they often sleep during the day and hunt by night, as the light bothers their dilated eyes. They also have an aversion to fire, as they do feel pain, unlike most Zombies.

Dark Beasts hunt day or night but they too will sometimes sleep. Their deeply feral and ferocious abilities can be frightening to come up against alone, and they are often also found in packs or as pets to Scavengers, but they cannot tolerate very loud noises and their body structure can be rather brittle.
How do we kill these damn things?
Zombies you can sever and shoot them to your hearts content, but only a shot through the heart or a severing of the head will truly keep them down. Though, I suggest going for both just in case because you never know. The same goes for the Dark Beasts and Scavengers, though Scavengers and Dark Beasts will fight back while Zombie's really don't fight much.
Any Places to Avoid?
Certainly. Avoid going into dark areas alone, and if you are forced to go into a darkened area go with a friend or two if you have any. When sleeping at night make sure your 'residence' is as Zombie/Scavenger/Dark Beast proof as you can, and never underestimate them!

Try to avoid being out at night, as well, because that is when most activity for all three is present. And never think that any place is completely safe, there are always ways inside...
Other survivors?
A very small percentage of humans is immune to the viral infection, but even if you are immune you still face death as you are food now after all. There are survivors out there, and it's your job to find them and keep humanity alive.

The Red Death--
Who are they?
No one knows if TRD is a single person or a cult of sorts. It was never made clear. As far as anyone knows TRD is still around and still to be feared. They WILL stop at NOTHING to see their master plans finished...
Character Template--




Items: (this includes any weapons you have)





The Corpseman played by Warmaster Serverdus
Kate Anderson played by 4got10angl
Nicholas "Nicky" Statham played by turtles
Layla Jones played by Kitty Kat
James Rollins played by El Diablo
Malcolm Reed played by H∂ven
Erin Townshend played by Zypher

Beginning Location--
Name: The Corpseman

Age: Unknown, mid to late 30s

Gender: Male



Items: An Assortment of knives, of various shapes and sizes, includes some throwing knives.

Personality: Insane. The Corpseman lives for the hunt, and his current prey is 'the weak'

Bio: The Serial Killer known as the Corpseman was imprisoned in an institute for the criminally insane when the virus hit, and as the infected tore the place apart, he escaped, but not before retaking his clothing and the tools of his trade.

A consummate master of remaining undetected in darkness, The Corpseman is was known and feared for his ability to perform tremendous acrobatic feats whilst making little to no noise.
His preferred victims were all those who thought themselves untouchable, individuals who thought they would never die unless it was of old age in their sleep, the tougher their security, the stronger they were, the more the Corpseman sought them out and dealt vicious murder.

However after his flight from the Asylum, his mood seems to have changed, now he views the Infected as "the weak" and pursues them, his mental state irreparably altered by the infection.

Other: The Corpseman is infected, yet he hasn't seemed to suffer its effects just yet
Name: Kate Anderson

Age: 23

Gender: Female


-packet of matches
-pocket knife
-hunting knife
-M9 pistol
-baseball bat

Personality: Before everything happened she was a carefree, easygoing, quirky individual who was more often than not found smiling or trying to put a smile on someone else's face. She had a good outlook on life, and was kind, putting most everyone else before herself. AFter things went down hill she began to change. Her old spunky self was slowly buried behind a metal wall inside and she began to push people away. She can seem somewhat cold and uncaring at first, now, but if you break through her defenses her old self easily comes back out. Strong and determined, she will go to any lengths to get things done.

Bio: All Kate had ever known was War and destruction. She grew up with it and part of her had died with it as well. Kate had a family at one point in time, but the plague had long ago wiped them off the face of the Earth, leaving her alone. After the death of her husband and one year old child, she took to wandering from place to place in search of the cause of all of this madness. At the same time, she searches for a possible cure to this disease. She will die trying to change things if she has to.

Other: She has a pet german shepherd named Orzo
Name: Nicholas "Nicky" Statham

Age: Twenty

Gender: Male


Items: Butterfly knife, sawed off shotgun with a good supply of bullets, Two hand pistols, a beat stick, and a farming sickle. He also carries around a backpack with a change of clothes, some matches, a sleeping roll, a canteen, a few rations of food, a compass, and a watch.

Personality: Nicky was born in to war and he was readily prepared for it. Being the eldest son in a long line of military men he was raised with one ideal in mind... how to survive. He's emotionally detached and slightly OCD when it comes on what to do and how to do it. He's a leader, but a difficult one, stubborn, and always believes his way is the right way. He doesn't like taking suggestions, especially from women. He can be a bit sexist, abrasive, and hard to deal with, but he's good at what he does. Surviving.

Bio: Oddly enough, the majority of Nicky's family all seemed to be immune to the disease that spread across the world. Suited them just fine, they were fighters, and they could take the onslaught. Nicky was no different. Raised from an early age to know that fighting was the way to survive, he took after his daddy, picked up a gun when he was five and taught how to use it. They stuck mostly to open farm lands, mostly deserted by people. But when the last of his family died off, some by old age, some by the zombies that rage around the earth, Nicky decided to wage a one man campaign against this 'Red Death' and show him just what the hell he was really dealing with.

Name: Layla Jones

Age: 18

Gender: female


Items: A back pack containing, some clothes, some food, a water bottle, a sleeping bag and a map. She also has a handgun holstered at her hip, a large jagged hunting knife and her brothers army dog tags which she wears around her neck.

Layla used to be sweet, kind and caring, she had a bubbly outlook on life, but now she has become quiet, hardened and un-trusting. She still is her old self, it has just been buried deep underneath the horrors she's seen. She is intelligent, a total tomboy and strong despite her girlie appearance. She has become focused on surviving and practically obsessed with finding her big brother.

Bio: Layla grew up with just her and her big brother Dean, as her parents were murdered when they were just children. Layla knows it was a serial killer named The Corpsemen who murdered her parents but as she grew up his face became blurred and forgotten, she doesn't fear him she only feels raw hatred. Her brother always protected and watched out for her, until he was forced to join the army to fight against The red Death. She was told that he died in duty and she was given his dog tags but she refused to believe that he was dead and so she searches for him, and tries to help other survivors along the way. (hes not dead i'll add him later)

Other: She has a pet Wedge Tailed Eagle named Fawkes
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Name: James Rollins

Age: 20

Gender: male


Items: A satchel bag which contains food, a canteen, a watch and a flashlight. He also has a butchers knife, a pocket knife and a small pistol.

Personality: James is aloof, his outlook on life is "it doesn't matter, nothing matters," he cares little about anything but is quite uptight and serious. He is intelligent and has no problem showing that off, he hates to admit it but he dosen't like being alone and enjoys being depended on so he surrounds himself with weak people who rely on him for help. He willing and happily helps any survivors he finds but acts like he hates it.

Bio: James doesn't tell people about his past unless he truly trusts them, all that is known is that he grew up on a farm in a small country town and his parents abandoned him at a young age. When James realized he was immune to the virus he left the broken town in which he grew up looking for people to help and although he would never admit it, he is also hoping to find any information he can on his parents so he'll know why they left him.

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Name: Malcolm Reed

Age: 35

Gender: Male


- Glock pistol
- Pump-action shotgun
- Surefire flashlight
- Flare gun (w/ five flares)
- Serrated army knife
- A few canned/packaged food items [carried in his backpack]
- Water bottle [carried in his backpack]

Personality: Malcolm merely wishes to survive in a zombie-infested world. He's willing to do anything it takes to rid the Earth of this trauma, even if he must put his own life on the line in the process. He has a hardened attitude and outlook on life, but he's intent on putting an end to The Red Death once and for all. Of course, he knows he's not the only one with this mindset; there are those who, like him, have been lucky enough to survive for this long and wish to revert the world to its normal, (somewhat) sane state.

Bio: There isn't much to say about Malcolm's past; he was fifteen-years-old when the attacks began. He was separated from his family following a deadly riot in their hometown, and was left to fend for himself ever since. He, like so many others was thrown into a state of total disarray in the coming years. Now, all seems lost.

And who's to blame for it? None other than The Red Death.

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the weak shall, in the shadows, find their release.
Name: Erin Townshend

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appearance: Picture

- A standard 9mm handgun
- Katana stolen from an old museum
- Flashlight
- Backpack
- Various canned food items (in backpack)
- Metal water canteen (in backpack)
- Ammo for her gun
- flint

Personality: Erin is a quiet and unassuming woman, usually taking to the shadows. She doesn't say much having been on her own for as long as she had. She dislikes combat but is more then willing and capable to fight should the situation arise. She keeps to herself but secretly wishes to find a group of fellow survivors so she won't feel so lonely. When she does get around others she is rather untrusting but motherly at the same time. She wishes to protect humans but still not wanting to become infected. She has an immense loathing for the Red Death and if she could find out who they are she would willingly destroy them.

Bio: Erin was only twelve years old when the first attacks had began. Her family, just like everyone else had received a letter from the Red Death and this memory is still vivid in her mind. She travelled with her family, avoiding the riots until her father came down with the Red Plague and killed her mother. She traveled a lot, nightmares of what her father had become haunting her until she had found an old museum where she began to live.

Other: She is immune to the Red Plague virus, yet she is unaware of this.
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