So Comes Our Retribution: The Beginning

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  1. "You aren't?"
  2. *Scar growls, grabs Haru's arm and leads her to the wall lined with weapons. He points to it, telling Haru to choose one.*

    Eve: You don't know when to give up, do you?

    *Scar turns to Eve, points to her, then points to a xenomorph skull hanging on his wall of trophies. Eve gulps and stops talking, getting the message.*
  3. "I'm sure Lyra'll get a kick out of it."
  4. Jorick is an Administrator (as am I). He posted in this thread in order to put a close to the conversation, and to address the behavior exhibited here, because it was reported for being out of hand and inflammatory. This was not a personal reply; it was an official one meant to keep the peace before this got any more heated than it already was.

    No one is upset that you're talking about why dubs are beneficial to people with disabilities. That's a worthwhile topic. They are upset with the way this topic is framed and your responses thus far in the thread, which have been dismissive at best.

    No one thinks that "neurotypical" is an insult. The insult here was your unfounded accusation (unfounded means you have no evidence of this, it is entirely your opinion and interpretation of their motives) that Kaykay or anyone else who disagreed with you on this matter was a bigot and ableist. Kaykay didn't say any of the things you are describing experiencing. They said that anyone who displays the attitude you're describing is childish, immature, and self-centered rather than acting out of malice or resentment towards people with disabilities, which is what you are claiming.

    Kaykay also did not call you an asshole. They pointed out that the sweeping generalization YOU used and directed towards all people who might be called neurotypical (these were YOUR words, and YOU did not qualify them as saying "not all neurotypicals do this") was making you sound like you were the one in the wrong (the asshole). And it does, because your lack of qualifiers does read as an attack or assumption about all neurotypical people, regardless of your intention. Having negative perceptions of a group of people and talking about those perceptions as applying generally to people within the group is the textbook definition of bigotry.

    The larger issue here is that you posted a discussion phrased as a question, and then in turn rejected any response that wasn't "you're right, that's ableist". You even shut down a post that was related to the topic as being "off-topic" because it didn't directly answer the title question. This isn't a discussion and you haven't been respectful of dissenting opinions. Accusing the dissenting party of being prejudiced is not a sign of an equal discussion and is a cheap move to make yourself appear to be in the right.

    No one doubts that you have seen insensitive comments. But no one in this thread thinks that dubs shouldn't exist, and I have no reason to believe anyone in this thread is themselves ableist.

    Thank you for taking the time to apologize to everyone but Kaykay, but that is too little too late. You still ignored Jorick's directions and you still are making a point of not apologizing to one member in particular. Since you have failed to heed the first warning, I'm going to have to make this clearer: Any further attempts to carry on this argument will result in punitive actions on your account for disruptive behavior and ignoring moderators/administration. That applies to ANYONE who attempts to revive this discussion in a way that isn't productive and allows actual conversation.

    You have received a warning point on your account. This does not affect your account in any way, it merely serves as a warning action and is for record-keeping purposes. Further action is pending until administration has reached a conclusive judgment.
  5. Name: Nicholas "Nicky" Statham

    Age: Twenty

    Gender: Male


    Items: Butterfly knife, sawed off shotgun with a good supply of bullets, Two hand pistols, a beat stick, and a farming sickle. He also carries around a backpack with a change of clothes, some matches, a sleeping roll, a canteen, a few rations of food, a compass, and a watch.

    Personality: Nicky was born in to war and he was readily prepared for it. Being the eldest son in a long line of military men he was raised with one ideal in mind... how to survive. He's emotionally detached and slightly OCD when it comes on what to do and how to do it. He's a leader, but a difficult one, stubborn, and always believes his way is the right way. He doesn't like taking suggestions, especially from women. He can be a bit sexist, abrasive, and hard to deal with, but he's good at what he does. Surviving.

    Bio: Oddly enough, the majority of Nicky's family all seemed to be immune to the disease that spread across the world. Suited them just fine, they were fighters, and they could take the onslaught. Nicky was no different. Raised from an early age to know that fighting was the way to survive, he took after his daddy, picked up a gun when he was five and taught how to use it. They stuck mostly to open farm lands, mostly deserted by people. But when the last of his family died off, some by old age, some by the zombies that rage around the earth, Nicky decided to wage a one man campaign against this 'Red Death' and show him just what the hell he was really dealing with.

  6. Name: Layla Jones

    Age: 18

    Gender: female

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Items: A back pack containing, some clothes, some food, a water bottle, a sleeping bag and a map. She also has a handgun holstered at her hip, a large jagged hunting knife and her brothers army dog tags which she wears around her neck.

    Layla used to be sweet, kind and caring, she had a bubbly outlook on life, but now she has become quiet, hardened and un-trusting. She still is her old self, it has just been buried deep underneath the horrors she's seen. She is intelligent, a total tomboy and strong despite her girlie appearance. She has become focused on surviving and practically obsessed with finding her big brother.

    Bio: Layla grew up with just her and her big brother Dean, as her parents were murdered when they were just children. Layla knows it was a serial killer named The Corpsemen who murdered her parents but as she grew up his face became blurred and forgotten, she doesn't fear him she only feels raw hatred. Her brother always protected and watched out for her, until he was forced to join the army to fight against The red Death. She was told that he died in duty and she was given his dog tags but she refused to believe that he was dead and so she searches for him, and tries to help other survivors along the way. (hes not dead i'll add him later)

    Other: She has a pet Wedge Tailed Eagle named Fawkes [​IMG]
  7. it's cool on both accounts nice profile and i think it woudl be interesting if she were to find her bro in the rp >:D

    wooo another person *happy dance* almost to the point where I shall start the IC!! just a few more people!
  8. thanks, ill add him later or maybe someone else can play him :)
  9. Name: James Rollins

    Age: 20

    Gender: male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Items: A satchel bag which contains food, a canteen, a watch and a flashlight. He also has a butchers knife, a pocket knife and a small pistol.

    Personality: James is aloof, his outlook on life is "it doesn't matter, nothing matters," he cares little about anything but is quite uptight and serious. He is intelligent and has no problem showing that off, he hates to admit it but he dosen't like being alone and enjoys being depended on so he surrounds himself with weak people who rely on him for help. He willing and happily helps any survivors he finds but acts like he hates it.

    Bio: James doesn't tell people about his past unless he truly trusts them, all that is known is that he grew up on a farm in a small country town and his parents abandoned him at a young age. When James realized he was immune to the virus he left the broken town in which he grew up looking for people to help and although he would never admit it, he is also hoping to find any information he can on his parents so he'll know why they left him.

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    Name: Malcolm Reed

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    - Glock pistol
    - Pump-action shotgun
    - Surefire flashlight
    - Flare gun (w/ five flares)
    - Serrated army knife
    - A few canned/packaged food items [carried in his backpack]
    - Water bottle [carried in his backpack]

    Personality: Malcolm merely wishes to survive in a zombie-infested world. He's willing to do anything it takes to rid the Earth of this trauma, even if he must put his own life on the line in the process. He has a hardened attitude and outlook on life, but he's intent on putting an end to The Red Death once and for all. Of course, he knows he's not the only one with this mindset; there are those who, like him, have been lucky enough to survive for this long and wish to revert the world to its normal, (somewhat) sane state.

    Bio: There isn't much to say about Malcolm's past; he was fifteen-years-old when the attacks began. He was separated from his family following a deadly riot in their hometown, and was left to fend for himself ever since. He, like so many others was thrown into a state of total disarray in the coming years. Now, all seems lost.

    And who's to blame for it? None other than The Red Death.

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  13. shit, if its that time i better go back and reread Corpseman posts and "get into character"

    the weak shall, in the shadows, find their release.
  14. Name: Erin Townshend

    Age: 32

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Picture

    - A standard 9mm handgun
    - Katana stolen from an old museum
    - Flashlight
    - Backpack
    - Various canned food items (in backpack)
    - Metal water canteen (in backpack)
    - Ammo for her gun
    - flint

    Personality: Erin is a quiet and unassuming woman, usually taking to the shadows. She doesn't say much having been on her own for as long as she had. She dislikes combat but is more then willing and capable to fight should the situation arise. She keeps to herself but secretly wishes to find a group of fellow survivors so she won't feel so lonely. When she does get around others she is rather untrusting but motherly at the same time. She wishes to protect humans but still not wanting to become infected. She has an immense loathing for the Red Death and if she could find out who they are she would willingly destroy them.

    Bio: Erin was only twelve years old when the first attacks had began. Her family, just like everyone else had received a letter from the Red Death and this memory is still vivid in her mind. She travelled with her family, avoiding the riots until her father came down with the Red Plague and killed her mother. She traveled a lot, nightmares of what her father had become haunting her until she had found an old museum where she began to live.

    Other: She is immune to the Red Plague virus, yet she is unaware of this.
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