So Comes Our Retribution: The Beginning

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((well figure since at least one person showed interest in this idea I'd post the entirety and see if anyone else might be here it is...))

October 13, 2009

The sins of man cannot be pushed aside any longer. Far too long has the human race been rotting away. Life is no longer something to cherish, it is a disease festering with sin! The disease has spread to the point where the only way to cleanse it--is through annihilation. So dark are the desires of man that he shall bring about his own demise in the end. You have been warned, and you have taken no steps of your own. So now, it is my turn. The world will be painted red and the heavens will cry crimson tears of cleansing. The end is nigh, and the end will bring rebirth... 

The Red Death

Many notes similar to this have been sent to leaders around the world, creating quite the shock. No one knows who this mysterious individual is who calls their self "The Red Death" or TRD for short. All they know is that they pose a serious threat to the wellbeing of the world population as their intention is made clear: massive genocide of the human population. Our leaders tell us not to fear, but we can clearly see fear lingering in their own lies...

October 27, 2009

It's been two weeks since the note has been published in the newspapers. Mysterious disappearances and deaths have been occurring around the world. The leaders are trying to keep the population calm, but it is obvious that this isn't a threat anymore. Worse yet, some sort of sickness is beginning to effect small countries killing easily in groups of hundreds or so. The identity of The Red Death still remains a mystery, but most are blaming them for this ordeal...

December 25, 2009

The death tolls are rising. Martial law has been put into effect in many of our world's countries. Riots have been breaking out all over the world as the sickness continues to escalate. No one seems to be safe! On this Christmas day no joy will be spread, only tears and grief. We advise you stay inside and don't venture out for a while. The disease seems to be spread through the air and through the blood to the best of our knowledge…no place is safe.

January 25, 2010

Did I not warn you that the sins of man would not go unpunished for very long? Already the effects of your own sinful ways are coming back around to take your very lives. Justice will be served. Today, I declare war upon the remaining people who still hold strong in their filthy ways. You will find that the very things that you thought would save you will only come to be your demise. May the Lord have mercy on your tainted souls!

Death only awaits you,
The Red Death

So it begins the world on the verge of dying has gone to war, but with what or who? Sadly we fight more amongst each other. Who is this Red Death? Why do they wish such horrid things upon us?! No more! No more!! The end is nigh! Darkness shall be the last any of us sees in this cruel world...The Red Death will spare none in the end...


It's been two years since the War of the Red Death ended and is currently the year 2029. The world has grown into a wild place with only remnants of what we used to call civilization. Glorious cities of old lay in ruins and technology is broken or dead, thus rudimentary at best (though guns still exist). The wildlife has spread into the deserted cities making them look like old sci-fi replicas of what they once were. Humans are no longer the top of the food chain anymore. The disease that spread through the world, called the Red Plague, either killed the person, maimed them, or changed them completely into blood thirsty mutants; only a very small portion of humans were not affected at all. The disease seems to only infect one now if there is direct liquid contact. The world has become a dark place indeed with little promise of a bright future.However, humanity still remains alive in scattered areas, but the people live in fear and dread each day and slowly the human population is dying. So enters you, a wearisome survivor of these dark times. The survivors will need to band together and try to fight for their lives and fight for humanity. Perhaps they will be able to rebuild life and start over, learning from their horrific mistakes. But, first they need to find each other and then they need to find safety from the cruelties of the new dark world. 

So starts the first chapter in So Comes our Retribution...may god have mercy on our damned souls...
he is probably one of my favorite characters, jsut because he was so wierd to play!
:D....I just need more interest before I commit though :(

I'm joining just to troll about being the last thing people see.

I hope it's not my crotch what they see though, I haven't shaved down there in weeks.
So we have a troll

a corpseman

and possibly JC

We're off to a good start! :D

few more and I'll move this to the actual OOC and start it >:D
I'm interested!

If you can put up with a new guy, I'm very willing to play. (:
oooo awesome! :D I have the ooc up but i think it got kicked to the second page :( go ahead and post a profile!! I have more info on the rp in the OOC
I still need a few more players before I start this! any takers?
Im interested :) bio will be up in OCC shortly :)