So Comes Our Retribution Ch 1 v2.0

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  1. October 13, 2009
    ~excerpt from letter from TRD~
    The sins of man cannot be pushed aside any longer. Far too long has the human race been rotting away. The disease has spread to the point where the only way to cleanse it--is through annihilation. So dark the desires of man that he shall bring about his own demise in the end. You have been warned, and you have taken no steps of your own. So now, it is my turn. The world will be painted red and the heavens will cry crimson tears of cleansing. The end is nigh, and the end will bring rebirth...

    The Red Death

    Many notes similar to this have been sent to leaders around the world, creating quite the shock. No one knows who this mysterious individual is who calls their self "The Red Death" or TRD for short. All they know is that they pose a serious threat to the well being of the world population as their intention is made clear. Massive genocide of the human population. Our leaders tell us not to fear, but we can clearly see fear lingering in their own lies...

    October 27, 2009

    It's been two weeks since the note has been published in the newspapers. Mysterious disappearances and deaths have been occurring around the world. The leaders are trying to keep the population's calm, but it is obvious that this isn't a threat anymore. Worse yet, some sort of sickness is beginning to effect small countries killing easily in groups of hundreds or so. The identity of The Red Death still remains a mystery...

    December 25, 2009
    The death tolls are rising. Martial law has been put into effect in many of our world's countries. Riots breaking out all over the world as the sickness continues to escalate. No one seems to be safe! On this Christmas day no joy will be spread. Only tears and grief. We advise you stay inside and don't venture out for a while. The disease seems to be spread through the air and through the blood.

    January 25, 2010
    ~excerpt from letter from TRD~
    Did I not warn you that the sins of man would not go unpunished for very long? Already the effects of your own sinful ways are coming back around to take your very lives. Justice will be served. Today, I declare war upon the remaining people who still hold strong in their filthy ways. You will find that the very things that you thought would save you, will only come to be your demise. May the Lord have mercy on your tainted souls!

    Death only awaits you,
    The Red Death

    So it begins the world on the verge of dying has gone to war, but with what or who? Sadly we fight more amongst each other. Who is this Red Death? Why do they wish such horrid things upon us?! No more! No more!! The end is nigh! Darkness shall be the last any of us sees in this cruel world...The Red Death will spare none in the end...
  2. Summary

    It's been four years since the War of the Red Death ended and is currently the year 2017. The world is mostly deserted and dying. The human population wiped itself almost dead just as the Red Death had intended. Glorious cities of old lay in ruins and technology remains broken or dead. The wildlife has spread into the deserted cities making them look like old sci-fi replicas of what they once were. Humans are no longer the top of the food chain anymore.The disease that spread through the world either killed the person, maimed them, or changed them completely into blood thirsty mutants, only a very small portion of humans were not affected at all. The disease seems to only infect one now if there is direct blood to blood contact between infected and the new host. The world has become a dark place indeed with little promise of a bright future.

    However, there are still some survivors of this horrific time in our history. These survivors will band together and try to fight for their lives and fight for humanity. Perhaps they will be able to rebuild life and start over, learning from their horrific mistakes. First they need to find each other and then they need to find safety from the cruelties of the new dark world.

    -Be respectful to one another
    -Be realistic please
    -Be creative. At least semi-literacy. I do not want any one liners, put some thought into your posts
    -Have fun!!!
    -Rules are subject to be added and or changed
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  4. I am played by: 4got10angl
    My name is: Lita Storm
    I am this many years old: 26
    My gender is: female
    I look like this: [​IMG]
    I carry upon me: A pair of sunglasses, two pistols with a few extra rounds, lighter/pack of cigarettes, hunting knife, whatever other items i might pick up along the way
    This is who I am: Lita was one of the few 'lucky' ones if that's what you'd like to call them who survived through this horrible epidemic. She watched everyone she'd ever cared about wiped away by either the destruction of the war or the Red Plague. She has seen many horrible things and had to do some horrible things to just get by. A tough individual, she knows how to protect herself and won't hesitate to kill if it'll save her life. Though she has grown slightly distant in the last few years.
    You might also want to know: She feels a deep sense of regret and failure for not being able to save her family during all of this and wonders why she managed to stay alive but not them. Also she used to work in a lab that researched possible cures for the disease when it first came around.
    My Favorite Quote is: Circumstances arise in our lives and we are forced to make decisions. It isn't about the quality of your decision or how you make it that counts, but rather how you deal with the consequences of the decision.

    • Name: Kado Higurashi

      Age: 16

      Weapon: So'Unga

      Description: Being the child of Inuyasha and Kagome, he undoubtedly looks (and smells), like both. He's a tall, lean muscular teenager. It's hard to miss his long black hair and golden-ambery eyes as well as fair skin. He also has claws, though they aren't as long as his fathers. After his mother's death, he shed's his 'boyish' garbs and don's his mother's miko robes of red and white. It should be noted that he takes very good car of them even slipping his arms out of the white haori that covers his upper body when fighting to avoid it getting damaged as much as possible.

      After Kado is transformed into a daiyokai his appearance does change quite a bit. He looks quite a bit more like his father Inuyasha and grandfather Inu; hair grows much longer, to the point he ties it back, and it turns a silvery-white. The Yokai in him is much more prominent; fangs and claws are very noticeable, as well as the stripes similar to what Sesshomaru bears. Also, due in large to the immense yokai energies he's bred from and turns his robes red like his father Robes of the Fire Rat, armor is also created fromthis energy much the same as Sesshomaru's although it it black and more 'aggressive' in appearance. His sash is turned red and orange. Once in this state he has full control over the sword without exhausting himself and can even perform a variation of Sesshomaru's Sōryūha; A powerful burst of yōki is released and takes the form of a dragon. It draws its energy directly from Kado, and varies in strength. His, however, is golden and not the ethereal blue that Sesshomaru displays.

      Personality: Kado is a lot like his father, something that his mother would often comment much to his resentment. He's a bit selfish, self-centered and reckless at times. His temper is as quick as his father's ever was especially when someone spoke of Kagome in an ill-mannered way especially having a partial demon for a child. It was something that she had grown accustomed to and despite it she often made poultices and did rituals. Kado however, would often fly off the handle. Kado's very protective of his mother, and very sensitive if not touchy on matters concerning his father if not his entire demon heritage.

      It is no surprise, while Inuyasha never knew his father and lost his mother--Kado has some vague memories of Inuyasha and remembers the night he left and never returned. So while Inuyasha grew up hating humans for being as they were, similarly he hated Inuyasha for leaving and hated demons in general for what he saw as an act of great betrayal. Kado strongly identifies as being human, though he does have demon blood in his veins the link is weak. However, he is still stronger than a human of the same age. There are quite a few merits to him as well. He can be quite protective over Sango who he calls Aunt, Miroku as Uncle and of course their children which he grew up with. He has not yet known his actual Uncle Sesshomaru since becoming Lord of the West and his Aunt Rin by marriage.He's also very devoted and loyal with those that mean a lot to him which means he's honest (almost too blunt at times),he can be affectionate even if he's easily embaressed by it to the point he's stand-offish.

      • Kagome's Miko robes
      • Kagome's Heart (Shikon Jewel)
      • Beads of Subjugation (not worn)
      Theme Song (open)


    • [​IMG]
    • Sō’unga, unlike the Tessaiga or the Tenseiga, was not created by Tōtōsai from the Inu no Taishō's fang and it was unknown how Inuyasha's father came to possess it. Though Myōga hinted that the Inu no Taisho obtained it to quell the conflicts that humans and demons made in order to have So'unga. Tōtōsai also said that the Great Dog Demon had it long before the Tessaiga or the Tenseiga were forged. Also, unlike the other two, Sō’unga contained the spirit of an ancient evil dragon from the depths of Hell. When held by a human, Sō’unga took control of them, and they would kill everything they possibly could, and when held by a yōkai, Sō’unga would try to persuade them to do its bidding. However, if the yōkai was strong enough, they could overpower Sō’unga with their own will and control the sword on their own. One such demon was Inuyasha's father, who said that it was an act of weakness if he let what he should be controlling take control of him.

      However, about 200 years later, the sword ended up in Kagome's family's possession. In the 20th century, the seal broke. Therefore, Saya tried finding Inuyasha, in hopes that he would be able to control Sō’unga before it could unleash chaos in the modern world. When Inuyasha grasped Sō’unga, he was taken over, but regained control for a short period of time. To prevent it from harming anyone in the future, Inuyasha went into the past, where it began a reign of blood. It battled Sesshōmaru, and knew all of his thoughts when their swords clashed. Kagome managed to release Sō’unga from Inuyasha's arm by using the prayer beads, which caused the sword to fly off.

      Dragon Twister (獄龍破, Gokuryūha; lit. Prison Dragon Blast): Sō’unga's most powerful attack; it possessed more destructive power than the Tessaiga's Backlash Wave. Sō’unga unleashed a large, violent, and powerful purple/black tornado that annihilated everything that was caught in its path. Myōga described this as being the attack of a dragon from Hell. Its strength was so great that it could easily bowl-over the Backlash Wave. However, if both Tessaiga and Tenseiga were close by, the strength of the Dragon Twister was diminished. In the Third Movie, Inuyasha declared that he had someone to protect; this determination thus gave him more strength so he could perform a stronger Backlash Wave. This Backlash Wave, also coupled the combined power of Sesshōmaru's Tenseiga, was able to finally destroy the spirit of Sō’unga.


      Reanimation: [/U]When Sō’unga was in control of a "lesser" yōkai, he could bring the corpses of the dead or the recently deceased back to life and take control of them, or even semi-revitalize ones appearance and give it free will. A power that's even able to counteract the anti-undead aspects belonged to those of the Tenseiga. Aforementioned mindless corpses were filled with deadly, liquefied miasma which, when at Sō’unga's full power, enable said specters to restore themselves from most kinds of damage.

      Path to Hell: Sō’unga could open a portal in the Underworld that, in time, was able to absorb the souls of the living world and also absorb the whole world into oblivion.

      Sheath of Sō'unga: This kept Sō'unga dormant for what seemed like seven hundred years, but was actually only 200 due to the Bone Eater's Well transporting it forward 500 years. Saya inhabited the sheath, and whom advised Myōga and Tōtōsai to throw him with Sō’unga sheathed into the Bone-Eater's Well. Like the sheathes of both Tessaiga and Tenseiga, it had powerful defensive capabilities, though it was unknown if it was made from Bokusenō.
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  9. I am played by: Kitti
    My name is: Amereth "Amy" Zucci
    I am this many years old: 20
    My gender is: Female
    I look like this:

    I carry upon me:
    Sewing needles
    A heavy jacket
    A pocketknife

    This is who I am:
    Born to a wealthy family, the sweet sister of a loving older brother, Amy was always to be obedient, to do what was best. At eighteen, she was engaged to a wealthy friend of her brother's, and she thought she was very happy.

    Holed up in her home with the other members of high society, Amy watched in fear as her whole life died before her eyes. Her fiance was the last to succumb, and as she cared for him, she realized that she could never have married him happily, despite all the love she felt.

    Distraught, Amy waited to die and yet... it did not happen. Days passed and still she survived.

    My favorite quote is: "Do you think you can tell? Blue skies from pain?"
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  12. I am played by: A cheese-muffin

    My name is: Daniel Conway

    I am this many years old: 25

    My gender is: Cheese muffin

    I look like this: [​IMG]

    I carry upon me: Twin hip holsters with Smith & Wesson Pistol and Delta Colt Pistol, Garotte Wire, Bomb kit (a heavy case with various bomb-making chemicals and detonators).

    This is who I am: Daniel is former IRA, from the town of Drogheda, near Dublin. As a teenager he was behind some of the worst terrorist attacks of the 90s, operating as the demolitions man for a number of ruthless IRA units. But after MI6 began targeting his comrades, Daniel ducked out and left the country. He took up mercenary and counter-intelligence work, applying his skills to the new crusades against the Middle East and the Russian Mafia. He didn't care who he pissed off or how dangerous it was - he treated his own life with a typically Irish disregard. Always running, but always cheerful, Daniel made a name for himself as one of the finest explosives experts on the black market. He was in East Russia when the outbreak hit, and after taking a boat to Alaska, he has been working his way south, relying on his wits, salvaging skills and general resourcefulness to stay alive.

    You might also want to know: Daniel is a drinker and a rogue. He figures anyone he meets will be dead sooner or later, so has no qualms about using them for as long as he has to. He is also looking for a good place to die - something big and dramatic. He wants to do his nation proud before the end.

    My favorite quote is: "Luck of the Irish!"
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  17. Christian Haak

    Christian was a little surprised that his sister had decided to go through with being injected with something strange. She was as finicky as he was about unknown substances, but she hated needles. The feeling was evident on his face. As the screen behind Cal lit up with a picture of what should have been his sister, instead he saw… a smurf? “She’s… Blue.” Christian frowned, furrowing his brow in concern. “She looks severely hypoxic.” He muttered mostly to himself, taking a few steps closer to the screen. God, he hoped she was alright, but she didn’t look alright. Even her hair and eyes were the same primary color.

    He stopped when Cal turned the screen off, his eyes turning in the other man’s directions. Demonstrate what? The gun went off. Oh. Demonstrate shooting himself in the chest. The wide-eyed man stared at the blood in shock and horror for a moment, until it finally clicked that Cal seemed unharmed. His mind was taken over by a different kind of horror, but one he did not let show on his face. He swallowed back the strange feeling of terror welling up inside him at Cal’s explanation. “You’re immortal. Anyone who takes this serum can’t die?” He thought to his sister, relieved one moment and then mortified the next. What if she was being tortured? She could be wounded and in pain repeatedly forever without even the grace of death.

    Jesus, what had he gotten himself into? What had she?