So Bored.

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  1. You have no idea how bored I am right now. All my roleplayers seem to be MIA or just not responding and I really want to work on my literature and grammar, and the only way to do that is to practice. But I can't if I have nothing to practice with (or someone to for that matter).

    I'm willing to do almost anything (must be a plot balance. I have no issues with doing a sexual rp, but right now I just want to roleplay). I do not do:

    -Youth (16 to young). Sorry but I have a little sister, and my morals come into play with this.

    I will try:

    -Relatively anything else

    What I will do:

    -Most anything

    Message me or comment here if you are interested. I post paragraphs but will no longer tolerate occasional one liners.
  2. Lev is bored too. :)

    totally up for like literally anything except for romance with a younger person like you and furries.
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  3. That's fine. What are you interested in? I have many plots that we can try out.

    And are you the Lev I saw in the Cbox last night that fell for my puns?

    What I'm interested in? Well nothing in particular but I'm MOST comfortable in fantasy. Now that doesn't mean I can't do anything else(in fact, it's very welcome so I have a little bit more versatility.) I play female and male characters fairly evenly, though I prefer male.

    Definitelyyyy not very comfortable being a woman in a romantic/erotic situation. But, uhh, I could try. I mean, it's seriously whatever floats your boat, tickles your pickle, flies your kite, wiggles your jiggle.
  5. ' wiggles your jiggle.'

    Should never be used in a sentence. You go sit in the corner.

    Anyways, if you are more comfortable acting as male, than I can do a MXM; would you be willing to do that? Though I won't play dominant with that one as I am testing the waters with it. I love fantasy roleplays! hard to get anyone into it however these days. What would you think of these plot caddies (I need a general interest to create a plot):

    -Epic Quest
    -Epic Quest and war
    -Discovery of a new world
    -Romeo X lover during a fantasy squabble

    By the way, the two guys caught drinking battery acid will soon be charged.
  6. I'm alright with that!

    EPIC QUEST SOUNDS FUN! I totally would love a war too. Politiiiiiics are terrible but also lovely. (I like politics.)

    And I don't know what you talk about, that battery acid thing.
  7. Alright. Here's plot one:

    Esper; a world where kings and queens ruled with a gentle hand. The year in this world was 2230, and life was peaceful until the reapers attacked. The world of the Espers, a race of shapeshifters, fell. By 2234, all of the royal families had been wiped out. All except one (or two) or each line. From Rimmoll, Kurtland, to even Clearwater Aven, these small survivors must unite to defeat the reapers, make it to the city beyond Blackdale, Aven and to the gates of the Guardians. The trek is long, dangerous, and there is no guarantee of survival for their races. But once they reach the Gates of the Guardians, they stand a chance against the invaders.

    But for sanity's (ironic that I use that term) sake, let's make the NPs (side characters) a little less in number if you know what I mean. I can send you a list of places, and names if you are interested or you can create your own line.
  8. Sounds like you've already had this tucked away in a handy book of ideas for later. =D

    This sounds pretty cool. So now I have a question: how diverse is would fantasy world be? Restricted to humans and fantasy creatures or are humanoids like maybe LIZARDMEN or SWINEPEOPLES? I wouldn't mind doing this at all, sounds fun!

    You said "plot one" though: you have one more thing to see? If not, no biggie, yo.
  9. It's actually a story that I am working one.

    You can be anything but I'd request that you push the Swinepeople and Lizardpeople out of it, as they creep me out. Horrible bad.

    Another plot would be:

    Earth; creatures of the normal world like horses, dogs, cats, etc. don't exists in this world. While humans still walk the earth, the main species is elves. And since they dominated, there is no modern technology. Elves treasure nature of all things. There is a constant feud between the humans, and the elves. a war is very probable, and other humanoid species such as fauns, dwarves, and fairies have to choose a side. The war for earth has begun.

    Another is from The Hobbit.
  10. Mmm, I liked the first one best, I think, haha. Sorry to have made you post extra, brah.

    So I take it you prefer human-esque humanoids, not inter-species humanoids? Or do I have it wrong? Also, does this world include magic or some sort of atypical technology?
  11. Magick is fine.

    All kinds of humanoids are accepted (also including demons), but scalies are a big no-no for me. Interspecies is fine
  12. Mmkay, now I'm pretty "ewwww" about bestiality and I can handle HUMANS with animal features but NOT ANIMALS with human characteristics.

    Liiike, if you know Fire Emblem, all of the Laguz tribes in their untransformed forms (shown below). Only thing that I can think of because I can't think other artwork that comes to mind.

    I don't mind NPCs being inter-species lovers of like very different species, but like I just can't deal something borderline bestiality (cause I live in Texas and let me tell you that shit is so real around these parts it's just ugh barf)
  13. I hear you there. Do furries really count as beasties though? I just draw them in a tame way for entertainment, if I did a furry rp there would be no mature scenes in it however.

    But I don't want furries introduced into this.

    I don't know where you are going with the Fire thing. But I must say that Espers are shapeshifters; they can turn into an animal. But their main form is humanoid. Is that alright?

    And yeah I can see that (no offense). Washington we just get stabbed and shot at.
  14. Oh no the Fire Emblem thing was really just an example of the limit to how animal-like a human can be before I get grossed out. Essentially human with a FEW animal characteristics.

    I understand about the Espers now. So now I have another slew of questions for ya:
    • I also assume that Espers can take the appearance of also any other human, or are they limited to a single human appearance?
    • Would our characters be the survivors of the royal families?
    • Exactly how prevalent are Espers? Are there any ways to differentiate them from any other person?
  15. 1. Limited (sorry, I get to damn confused when there is two or more humanoid forms the character takes on)
    2. No, they can be allies or Espers or Reapers
    3. Everyone is different. So yes
  16. Ahhh okay okay okay. I think I wholly understand now. Sorry, this comes with not being necessarily the sharpest tool in the shed lol.

    Hokay hokay, so would you rather me create my own character or kinda follow a template for another character? Is there anything you think I should know?
  17. Create your own, that is part of the fun. I suggest traits to help others.

    The only thing you should know is that there is multiple royal families, and most have been destroyed. Oh and Aza, Luca and Archibald, side charries, have a very big spots in the plot while Keinin and Koda have some of their own, and that you can die in this roleplay. They will face many dangers and my plot twists are pure evil (look up my Call to War and see how evil i am to my charries).

    And I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, so what I lack in intellect I make up in making an ass of myself.
  18. Here's the bio fill out:

    Picture(human form):
    Shifting form(can be anything non human):
  19. Okay, okay gimme a few. I'm workin on a few things right now yo.