-.- So Bored Need Someone To Rp With

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  1. No joke I am bored i need someone to rp with and fast. I dont have ideas right now becuse i dont know what you like if i kno you then sure i know what you like. i can make an idea but they would be shit and would need to be cleand. also im all ears for anyones idea im bored so hey i dont give a shit. well maybe i will ask to change it a little bit but thats all like the charaters thats all well who i want to be anyways

    so PM me or post her (PM is faster but im slowly losing space if someone knowshow to deltie mesages that would be a life saver)

    hope to Rp with you soon
  2. You delete messages by leaving the conversation. It's easiest to go to where you see all the conversations at once, tick the ones you want deleted and leave them all at once.
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  3. I'm also quite bored =.= unfortunately I was MIA for over a month and all the rp's got archived and well only one wanted to start it back up... so i'm currently down to one RP after having at least eight. SO... I will rp anything. As for ideas... I'm open to anything as long as I feel like I can swing it.