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  1. I'm looking for a RP partner for a Beauty and the Beast RP idea that I have.

    I want to take a different approach with the story. Some things that I came up with so far (Not gonna give too much away):

    -Instead of Beauty having sisters and a father, she lives with her older brother and two older cousins. Her oldest cousin is a blacksmith that occasionally goes off on trips to sell things he has smithed. Her other older cousin and brother work for the stableman while Beauty assists in blacksmithing.
    -I haven't really seen a BatB story set in Germany; however, I am open to other setting options like Russia.
    -Time period is 1700s Europe.
    -The family has never been wealthy but make enough to support themselves.
    -The landlord wants money from the eldest cousin but is willing to stop pestering them if Beauty marries him.
    -I'm thinking about giving the family names based on seasons (still debating on this).
    -The beast character lives alone in a very large castle.

    If you want anything specific in the RP, you need only tell me and we work with it.
    I'd rather not have this turn into a mature RP.
    The RP can be in either the threads or PMs, I don't care.
    I'll probably play Beauty but I'll be fine with playing as the beast.
    If interested, just leave a reply or PM.
  2. I'm interested if you don't mind me playing beauty. I don't think I could do beasts character very well ^^' I can play multiple characters when needed in the story (male and female)
  3. All right. I'll shoot you a PM
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.