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  1. so I hear from people all the time my accent is weird or that I say things in a weird sort of way. Now how true it is or not me being from West Virginia is up in the air. But I saw some people today from out of state and I went to the grocery store and asked my fiancé to get me a buggy. Apparently that's something unusual. I had to explain a buggy is a shopping cart. Is this unique to our area? What are some other strange things you think we say if you've heard us in Appalachia talk? What are some things people around your area say?
  2. From Florida here, so we get all kinds of accents. People say I have an accent when many other's say it's pretty bland or drab, which is fine by me, because I can mimick accents very well.

    Let's get a list..
    • Soda/Pop/Cola
    • Shopping cart/buggy. (Seen this in mostly older folk.)
    • Ya'll. Hear this a whole lot. Must be a southern thing.

    There are plenty more, but they're all so ingrained in day-to-day speech for the life of me I can't think of them..
  3. Creek/crick (it's creek btw lol)
    Holler/hollow (I say holler)
  4. Someone here who has dealt with Appalachia brand talking, and Midwest brand talking:

    Appalachian/Appalashian (Moved from Virginia, to Illinois, this really bothers me.)
  5. Bath/bathe
    Poke/grocery bag
  6. My area just says "Shopping Cart".

    And in all honesty I can't think of any unique words people in my area do.
    Although I word things better online than IRL, I use the same vocabulary and never have I had to deal with word confusion in a geographical way,
  7. it's called a buggy here in BC, too!

    Bath/bathe are two different words to me though; Bath being an object, bathe being an active verb

    I totally hear you on the weird accent thing. I've been asked where my 'accent' is from by customers at work, and I'm like "uh, here?" I've lived in Northern BC my whole life! But I pick up words from a lot of people, and I've been accused of having everything from a trace of southern drawl to an East Canada accent, when I've never even lived in any of those places!

    My tone and vocabulary do come from a wide variety of influences though; mostly my trucker dad, which leads to me leaving off the 'g' at the end of some '-ing' words, and using phrases like "how's about we do that", "on account of", "Howsatnow?", and even the occasional "y'all", though I cringe at myself whenever I use that one =3=


    Mickey - A flask-sized measurement of liquor
    Toque - a woolen cap/beanie
    Skookum - something sturdy, solid, substantial
    Double-double - a coffee with two cream and two sugar
    Bunny Hug - a hoodie in saskatchewan!
    Housecoat - bathrobe
    Cutlery - silverware
    Homo Milk - homogenized/whole milk
    Gumbo - mud
    Gumboots - rubber boots
    klik/klick - kilometer
    The States - a shortened term for the United States of America
    Pop - soda
    chinook - an eastern wind
    Pencil Crayon - coloured pencil
    Canuck - a Canadian!
    Newfie - a person from Newfoundland
    Give 'er - to really put your all into it; to put the pedal to the metal; to go all the way
    a rip - ie; to go for a rip - a ride!
    Hoser - a loser! this comes from pre-zamboni days when the losers of a hockey game would have to hose down the ice afterward!
    The Sticks - the boonies; the middle of nowhere

    Insofar as pronounciation; we can pronounce French words here :P but "Say la vy" amirite, my 'Murican friends? :P
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  8. Georgian here.

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  9. I love listening to British accents because they sound so proper to me. :3
  10. As a Canadian from Ontario these are the only one's I actually really recognize.
    I *think* I've heard "klik" and "newfie" used before, but if so it was very rarely.

    *Tries again to think of Ontario specific ones but is coming up with a blank*
    God I'm bad at this... >.<
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  11. Fucking humanity.
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  12. That's strangely interesting actually but how in gods green earth does that belong on a language/speech thread lol
  13. DON'T KNOW.
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  14. LOL It indeed was very interesting. :3
  15. I'm on the West Coast; Vocabulary and culture differs wildly by province, so it's not surprising a Canuck from the other end of the country doesn't recognize some of the vocabulary used commonly in BC and Alberta

    I know Bagged Milk is an East Canada thing (weirds me the fuck out; why don't you just buy it in a container if you're going to take it home and pour it in a container anyway? Seems wasteful :/)
  16. People in my area call white people gringos.

    I'm tired. It's late. I haven't slept yet. Forgive me.
  17. I lived in Florida and heard tons of things from Snowbirds that I can't really remember. I tried not to pay them any attention out of fear I might catch their cooties.

    I know where I'm originally from we say quite a few things oddly.


    There's a few more, but I'm too tired to think of them.
  18. Oh gosh, I go to a British school despite being American and it is weird. This isn't particularly slang, but they have different names for things:
    (Also, no offense to any British people around, this is just me being patriotic and closed-minded xD)

    American Word - British Word
    Eraser - Rubber
    Math - Maths (This one makes sense since it's mathematics but still)
    Trash Can - Dust Bin
    Trash - Rubbish
    Soccer - Football
    Pants - Trousers (Apparently 'pants' in British English roughly translates to 'underwear', whenever I swap the words my friends laugh at me -.-)
    Cookie / Cracker - Biscuit (NO, these are a different sort of dessert I'm telling you)
    Chips - Crisps
    French Fries - Chips
    'I'll tell on you / I'll rat you out / ect' - 'I'll tell you off'

    THEN THEY WRITE 'color' AS 'colour'. IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. On a lesser scale, there is also 'aluminum' and 'aluminium'.

    There are more, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

    Also, living in Thailand (yes, I'm an American going to a British school in Thailand, what of it?) the Thais refer to basically any foreigner as a 'farang', which is basically the Thai word for foreigner, but since foreigners use it as well to refer to other foreigners I think that counts for something. xD
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  19. You don't pour the milk in a container, silly. The bag comes with individual bags that you put in a container and then you cut the top corner off. The only waste is the outer bag when you run out of milk bags and the milk bags when you're done. It has a lot less waste than cartons for a lot more milk.
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