So anyone like Fanta? some good sodas those are yes.. but I bet you did Nazi see coming..

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  1. This is both shocking and actually kinda funny!

    "marches across your taste buds" LULZ!
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  2. Boy, that ad at the end sure makes me want a nice refreshing Fanta while I cruise down the Autobahn in my Volkswagen 181 Thing wearing an all black Hugo Boss ensemble.
  3. The Official Refreshment of the Hitler Youth!
  4. I did Nazi that coming.
  5. XD Way to go Fanta
  6. So, I actually already knew about Fanta's connection to Nazi Germany. I honestly don't think it is really that big a deal, but I still died laughing at the fake Fanta commercial.
  7. ....Oh.

    I do not care! Fanta is still my one and only love when it comes to sodas! Heil Fanta!
  8. I wonder if the head guy for Fanta is called the Fanther?
  9. *comes back here for the link* Still have other skype friends who need to see this!
  10. That's Hitlarious. Hopefully Fanta can find the Reich words to solve this problem.
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