So... Any Smashers out there?

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  1. Just curious.
  2. SSB4... I want it, quite badly. Alas. Circumstances dictate otherwise.

    I've played every other game in the series so far, and mostly been a loyal Yoshi main. Although I've learned quite a bit of Sheik and Marth in melee. That's not to say my hands can still keep up with what I used to do in melee though... I was addicted to that game.
  3. All of the new smash! All MegaMan, All the time! Though my main is Link. I just feel obligated to play as Mega Man as much as possible and I'm getting better at it.
  4. I haven't played since Melee. I'm probably rusty as hell now, but I used to be a dab hand with Doc Mario.
  5. Haven't gotten the newest Smash game, but I own every other release. My main changes depending on the game, but I'm partial to the sword fighters. I'm also banned from choosing Pit whenever my friends and I are playing.
  6. lucas main over here orz

    Ahaha, but anyway, I was definitely there for the midnight release. nwn
    I played way too much of SSBB because I wasn't allowed to have a Gamecube or anything to that effect for the longest time.
    but now... fufufu
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  7. My personal favorite out of all the new ones so far is Wii Fit Trainer, though there's so many I have yet to play them all. I have never felt so overwhelmed by a smash game before, it's awesome, definitely getting the Wii U version. I'm a little disappointed by some things, however. For one I expected better out of Megaman, he's not as good as I'd like, though that's probably because he just doesn't fit with my play style. Also the lack of an adventure more like there was in brawl sadness me, that was always one of my favorite parts of that game; that and custom stages, which isn't in this smash either. And, I was never one for online play anyways, but the lag I get when fighting with others online is just unbearable. My internet connection isn't bad, it's pretty good, I shouldn't be getting this kind of lag. I don't know what the problem is, but I sure do hope that they fix it somehow. It's still a great game regardless, and the portability just makes it that much more amazing.
  8. Played the demo, thought it was rough on the 3DS, might grab it later. Got a WiiU for that version too.

    Also, dat Palutena..

    Did pick up Brawl though cause I never bothered getting a Wii to play it.

    Can't forget though.

    Melee was Best.
  9. Enjoying it to bits, honestly. I'm juggling it with a bunch of other games(Pokemon Y, Hyrule Warriors, etc).

    My mains are Bowser(He's got some serious buffs since Brawl), Ganondorf for the same reasons why, and Little Mac(Seriously, this guy is super tough, his smash hits are damn good). I go for the hard hitters, Tanks and the occasional agile guy.
  10. Do keep in mind this IS only the 3DS version. There's a lot they haven't put into the game yet. I wouldn't say to call your judgement on the game just yet. Hell, even I was irritated with the controls at first, but now it feels not as good as a controller, but better than it was.

    For any that care, I was an avid Sheik player in Melee.
    Zero suit in Brawl

    And a Zero Suit / Palutena main in 4.


    Message me and we'll exchange friend codes!
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  12. hmmmmm..... :/

    Possible Spoiliers (open)
    Duck Hunt is BULLSHIT. WAAAAAAAAYYYY to OP. Fuck this shit. *has failed four times against him even with mains*
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  13. My husband used to be a competitive Smash player, but he quit to switch to SF4. We still play it every once in a while. He plays Link and I switch between Sheik and Zero Suit Samus. We don't have the new Smash though as neither of us have 3DS and don't plan to get a Wii U.
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  14. SF4 is a fun alternative c:
  15. Yeah, Lucina beat my Rosa and Pally I think. She was a pain. lol
  16. I beat I'm stuck on the next unlockable. but I haven't tried a main on him. Beat the last one with Villager...
  17. Rosa is really good against DHD because she can just pull his can and .... other item....
  18. Smasher here, I usually just play the random button with my friends, but when I go online or play "seriously" with friends or with strangers I have my little line up. I play Jiggs for fun (and dat rest), The Dorf because I like beating my friends with characters they shit talk, Donkey Kong for similar reasons, and Dark Pit solely because of the hate my friends have for him getting in. Used to play pink captain falcon, but my friends started to pick him as well and I dislike mirror match ups.

    Also, RIP Fan and Diddy Kong's bananas (It just isn't the same when they disappear after one hit).