So a wolf pack rp anyone?

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  1. Not just a simple slice of life wolf pack roleplay but one with a plot behind it well a plot to start off with the story would be made by you guys, want to revolt against the alpha? go right ahead but keep in mind rash decisions can mean great consequences.

    I'm also thinking having animals such as cayotes, lynxes, cougars, pumas, panthers, some birds etc playable but i'm not gonna allow clans of big lynxes, cougars or any big cat that's in the rp for that matter they're solitary animals they alone but does not mean they cant go and meet a friend everyday.

    I may also allow cayote packs since they're similar to wolves.

    Also in terms of hybrids i'm only gonna allow one that exited or can exist in real life such cayote/wolf hybrids.

    Also no you can't play a magical human that transformed in a all powerful wolf or werewolf especially no werewolves or dire wolves, dire wolves were wiped out thousands of years ago people.

    So what do you guys think anyone interested? any plot ideas you have?.
  2. I would be interested in this!
    I might have a plot..
  3. id be interested, but alas, im not good at coming up with wolf/animal plots, but Id add in my bag of thoughts xD
  4. Ah sweet do you guys have any suggestions? also i'm thinking the rp would have some lion king elements in it (no there wont be lions :P).
  5. hmm, maybe we were all abandoned because we looked 'weak' and we find each other and make a pack?
  6. Not really digging that but i'd prefer if we just start in a pack (keep in mind there will be multiple packs).
  7. that works, but like I said, this is a first for me so yeah :P
  8. Juuuuust to be clear this is not a werewolf roleplay. We would be actual, normal wolves/lynxes/coyotes/etc....right? I did read your original statement but it didn't quite register in my brain.
    Whatever the case, INTERESTED!

    I'm thinking we could do the typical hardships of wolves and wolf packs. Keeping and maintaining territory which includes protecting it and ourselves from humans. Finding enough food for the pack would be a big deal with depleting forests.
    The main "bad guy" so to speak would be the humans. The plot would be centered around stopping them from killing us and destroying our homes but doing the only way we as wolves could possibly, attacking the humans and sabotaging their vehicles, backhoes, etc...
    In other words one or two wolf packs would be working together to wage war on the humans. Other packs could be taking a different approach to the rising issue of deforestation like waging war on each other attempting to seize more territory and hunting grounds. Then we could have a nomadic wolf pack that fixes their problems by following their food and other resources and never having a permanent territory.

    Of course there would be more to it.
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