So a vampire and a witch walk into a bar...

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  1. A witch on the run runs into a vampire. They both have an affinity for bourbon and new adventures. So they decide to move in together as roommates.

    Ill be the witch Lola,and I am looking for my vampire partner in crime?
    Anyone Interested?
  2. seems interesting
  3. glad you think so!
  4. So do you have any ideas ? I just posted this to see if I could get an rp partner. I am not into specifics really, as long as its a vampire rp, Im good!
  5. vampire rps are a speciality. Do you what to make it into a romance kinda thing or something else?
  6. Awesome ! Romance could work. I previously had this other idea where in the supernatural world when a supernatural creature is in in trouble they can release an ancient call that all supernatural creatures in the area can hear and decide to respond to. Lola gets witch-napped by a demon Lola does not expect the vampire to respond and come rescue her. She offers him/her the master bedroom in her apartment as a thank you and offers herself as a blood donor but only in times of emergencies because she has a disorder where her blood does not clot well. They have a one night stand and become lovers as well as roommates!
    What do you think?
  7. Love it!!!
  8. Awesome! So I have been talking too much . DO you have any ideas? Would you like the vampire to be male or female? Would you like me to do an introductory paragraph to get us started?
  9. You have not, you've been getting your ideas which is what I like lol. I'll be a male vampire... I already have a character for him if you want me to send you his biography. And sure an introductory would be helpful
  10. sure I would love it if you sent me his bio!
    Here is the introductory post :

    Lola had bad luck. Terrible luck. From totaling her car to falling her college english term paper to being left at the altar. But at age 22, being kidnapped by a demon was the lowest point in her life.
    She tried to use magic to get out of her chains but they were enchanted with witchfire and that only succeeded in getting her some lovely burns.
    " Let me go! Someone will be looking for me and I swear they kill you. Painfully." She growled spitting in the demon's eye. That only got her a lovely backhand that sent her flying into the cave wall. Her head cracked on the stone wall and she saw stars. Blood tricked down her face.
    " Please. You are coven-less,friendless,and now magic-less. " He growled.
    " Yeah that's what you think! Sorry, I have always wanted to say that." Lola got a confused look from the demon and smirked,concentrating. She watched in delight as the demon screamed in agony.
    She took off running ,but the demon caught her by her hair and threw into the wall
    " Did you honestly think you could stop me?" He asked,his hand wrapped around her throat strangling her.
    Using the last bit of strength she had,she called out telepathically the Cry of the Ancient Ones. Any creature in the area would hear it and come running.
    She hoped.
    Cordelia finished the call as everything went black around her.
  11. No its fine! I love Alex Pettyfer..... Whenever you ready to post,be my guest!
  12. are we posting in here or on a new thread?
  13. Just made a new thread for it. It's called Roommates and its got my intro post on it :)
  14. I'll look for it