So a vampire and a witch sign a lease..

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  1. " I'm going to tell you one more time. Give me your magic." Lola felt heat in her lower abdomen as the demon stabbed her once again.
    " Is this the best you got? I mean really?" Lola spat back,screaming in pain as he struck her again. How the hell it happened Lola didn't know. She was walking home from work and then she's in a cave.
    Life's a witch.
    Lola's vision began to blur and she couldn't stay awake for much longer so she reluctantly let our The Call, a call for help that if an supernatural creatures in the area heard they would come to her aid. Lola was a powerful witch. Someone would come..
  2. Skylar, better yet known as Sky was hunting in the forest nearby when he heard the witch's cries.
    Stopping his hunt he went to go help her.
    Upon his arrival he saw the demon who captured her.
    "Leave her alone, she's no use to you."
    Using his vampiric powers he defeated the demon and soon vanished into thin air.
    Running over to her, "Are you okay, my dear? I heard the Cry of the Ancient Ones. Let's get you to safety" picking her up gently he carried back to his place.
    Dylan saw his brother return quite quickly; "What happened?", he said meeting him halfway in the yard.
    "I was hunting and I heard the Cry of the Ancient Ones, a witch of such power would know such a spell. She's staying here for as long as she needs to."
    "No "buts" Dylan, she's my responsibility now. Our parents will understand."