So a Pig and a Chicken Cross the Road

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  1. The air was cool inside the rundown dump of a building they called their home. The heavy patter of rain could be heard throughout the rooms and halls, much to Jam's dismay. He had been sprawled on his back across his bedroom floor, staring at his ceiling in utmost aggrevation. He lay in contempt for a moment, sharlpy inhaled and opened his mouth wide; "Porooo!"
  2. Poro hears the echo of his name from down the hall, he knew that accent. That stupid accent. He thought first to ignore it, continuing to play with Kimchi down in the basement. Trying to teach the little rooster how to shake was touch business. Hearing the sharp cry again he lurches and angrily looks over his shoulder, letting out a response: "WHAT"
  3. "PORO, IT'S RAINING!!" Jam yelled and whined at his broken door, as if it'd do him any good. He grabbed at the closest object he could, his faithful baseball bat, and threw it to the wall in distress. It didn't help much. He rolled to his side and pounded at the floor with his fist, angrily repeating himself. "Poro, IT'S RAINIIINNGGG."
  4. "WHO CARES" This yelling business was starting to get very annoying. Poro twirls around and starts stomping up the stairs, trying to sound as aggravated as possible. When he comes to the broken door, he peeks in through the crack and hisses between his teeth. "What do you want me to do about it?"
  5. Jam whipped his head around and glared. "Do something, ANYTHING." He clenched his fists, kicked at the ground, and began spouting the most foul swears he could dig up from his vocabulary. Certainly a tantrum of embarrassing proportions for a man his age. "I can't take it no more! I can hear it, I can smell it, it's like I can feel it on my goddamn skin!" He reeled on the floor for a moment, then as if his whole body shut down, he relaxed onto the floor and sighed. "..Poroooo. It's rainingggg."
  6. Poro rolled his eyes, entering the room. He fails to even try to understand Jam's situation. "Just wear headphones or something" Hid thick accent is barely understandable. But he tries his best to be comforting to the man twice his age.
  7. "I tried that already-" he threw his hands up in the air in frustration. He then pointed to a small pile of shattered plastic and wires that lay near Poro's feet. 'They don't help, not even a little bit." Jam covered his face in his arms and groaned. "If you don't do something I'm gonna go crazy."
  8. Poro's eyes drop down to the scattered remains at his feet before returning a gaze to his troubled friend. "What do you want me to do? Cuddle and coo you until it stops?" He juts out his chin and wiggles his fingers at Jam, obviously toying with him. Not very tasteful of him, but when is he ever tasteful.
  9. Jam scoffed, rolling to his other side, turning his back to the smaller boy. "I ain't your stupid chicken, I don't need to be held like no baby." He grumbled and cursed under his breath. "Nevermind! I changed my mind- Go away, I don't wanna see nobody right now."
  10. Letting out a huff, Poro squats behind Jam, a stern and serious expression on his face. "I can just sit here with you if you want, you big baby"
  11. Jam lay silent for a moment, letting out nothing more than a perturbed grunt. He glanced at his window, which had been boarded up and covered with newsprint. It made his skin itch, and he jerked slightly. "Hey, Poro. Let's play a game." He turned his head just enough to be able to look at his small friend. "It's called 'Let's Entertain Jam Before He Blows His Brains Out And Then You'll Have To Clean It Up All By Yourself'. It's still in the design stages so they haven't come up with a better name."