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Lovely people of Iwaku, I come to you tonight with a earnest want to get back on my roleplaying feet in hope of getting back to Advanced or even Prestige levels in the future. I was out of writing commission for months and am looking for a varied range of roleplays with friendly and tolerant partners. Below I'll post what I will push myself to do as a standard for posts, along with the various things I feel like doing at the moment.

Please know that this is a General thread, so while I can do romance, I won't do smut, except if you have a good idea how to spin the plot with believable sexy scenes, you contact me by private message and most importantly are an adult (with the pinkish red star to your name).

Okay! So since the basics are laid out, I'll go on to tell you a bit about my standards for myself and my preferences and limits.

Snu's Promise
  • I will do my very best to post at least one good quality IC post a day.
  • I will take part in both the planning and execution of our plot in a flexible and proactive manner.
  • I will take care to run my drafts in a word processor, reading the result at least once more before submitting my In Character posts.
  • I will be available to craft basic ideas and plots, given you agree to help me tweak and polish them into a workable story.
  • I will always be willing to play either male or female of any sexuality, and will only mention more risque subjects in passing.
  • I will be available to talk with you with anything, so feel free to talk to me whether about the plot or about something that is bothering you.
  • I will be understanding of any need you have of slowing or speeding up our roleplay, even if it means a permanent stop to our partnership.
  • I can play multiple roleplays with a partner that is compatible to my creative processes.
  • I will let you know if I can't post or must stop for any reason.

Snu's Limits
  • Angst is not really my thing. I can definitely use it if the plot demand it and it doesn't end up into a angst fest, but I prefer more varied emotions in my Dramas.
  • Abuse taken lightly by the plot's perspective does not go well with me. Our character can be abusive and flippant about it, but we must take the situation with the gravity it deserves.
  • I'm not into Cheating Lovers stories, sorry!
  • Keep the pairings more or less equal if we go for a honest romance route, please.
  • I'm not knowledgeable enough of the various Fandoms to be able to do them justice.

Snu's Current Cravings
  • Dynamic Action/Adventure, I am feeling for something fast paced lately.
  • Lighthearted Bromances
  • Ridiculously Competitive Rivals
  • Training Montages from Hell
  • Medieval or Historical Fantasy
  • Near Future Science Fiction (Soft)
  • Good Ole Wersterns
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