Snowpocalypse: High School

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    Welcome to Pilgrim High! one of Tokyoronto's worst best schools around! It has a couple bad teachers here and there who'll gladly screw your grades over dedicated, caring teachers who work hard to help all their students succeed. Ah, our terrible, hoodlums who skip class, never work, and probably went to jail a couple times wonderful, hardworking, super-intellectual students! they care nothing for class and are lazy idiots put school on their top priority, always showing up to class on time, completing work on time, and being the pinnacle of physical health! our lunches are cheap ass pieces of slop we pay mere pennies for yearly! the most gourmet, healthy, carefully created pieces of edible genius! The schoolwork is long, unending, it'll keep you from your family and friends, you'll want to D-I-E! Is lengthy enough to keep up with student's needs for learning, and they can surely get it done on time no matter how impossible it may seem. That's how amazing we are!


    Okay, lies aside, welcome to the rather average Pilgrim High School, the main high school of Tokyoronto. It's a desolate, and stinky place no one really enjoys all that much, having to go through grueling schoolwork, horrible bullying, crappy school lunches, and other such terrors that would make you want to be home schooled. And it just so happened the school was just about to end for a nice, three day weekend to come, as well as reports of snow coming in that could possibly have prolonged it.

    And it did.

    But not the way the students wanted, oh no. The snowstorm raged over onto town, and covered the doors of the school, with everyone unable to leave for the day, and being forced to stay in the building. At first there seemed to be order, emphasis on 'seemed.' The Live Action Roleplay Club (LARP) Had begun to meet in secret, making all sorts of plots and playing D&D and stealing candy. The Jocks also had secret meetings in the sports team locker rooms, locked off from the others, laughing and drinking moonshine they brewed in their new hideout. Finally, other students could no longer take it. Then, on one of the faithful nights, the lights went out, and all the boys and all the girls went nuts. People were running all over the school, scattered and scared, while the others, especially the strong and the unkind, began to attack and try to take what they could.

    And ever since that day, the giant school building has become a dungeon of sorts. The hallways are like desolate wastelands, the classrooms always holding a chance of danger, safety and solitude, or useful items. You must fend for yourself, or join up with others who still have their sanity…for now, that is. And if things couldn't get any worse, a mysterious threat has gone that someone would open all the doors in the building, causing snow to flood in, as well as disabling the electricity, causing tensions to rise, the building to potentially be left to freeze in the dark, and things to start 'heating up'

    Welcome to Pilgrim High! one of Tokyoronto's best worst schools around...