Snowed In, a High School RP

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  1. I have this idea for a slice of life, survival hybrid. It probably needs a lot of work but I think it could be something one day.
    The forecast warned of a snow storm on friday but luckily all the weather stations seemed to agree that it would start around 4 in the afternoon, plenty of time for school to end and people to get home and settled before it hit. So the day went on as normal, with the exception of a storm looming overhead.

    Due to a sudden pickup in the wind speed the storm arrived two hours early. By three it was difficult for the most prepared people to be out side, fast winds, heavy snowfall, and dropping temperatures made all modes of transportation nearly impossible. Those determined enough might make it but within the hour it became nearly impossible to even get out the door. People are calling it the 'storm of the century' and its just your luck you are stuck at school.

    School ended at 2, like most Fridays it was a mad dash to get out of school and everyone did, all but a few. Even the teachers saw the heavy snow fall and left too, not bothering to warn the students. Even the janitors appear to have left, nobody was crazy enough to stick around. Everyone, except for you.

    Basically a bunch of teens are stuck at school, what could possibly go wrong?
    There may or may not be changes to the current information. The Character Sheet template will not change.

    Backround (open)
    This RP will be set at Denet High, your characters will live in a large town/small city that isn't used to more than seven or eight inches of snow. Here's a brief and very snowy picture of what the school looks like,

    Character Sheet (open)
    Name (include nicknames, if any):
    Appearance (I prefer real but its up to you):
    Clique (optional):
    Personality (doesn't have to be super in depth):
    Bio (at least a paragraph):

    Rules (open)
    1.Follow Iwaku rules
    2.Romance is fine, just don't go overboard
    3.There is no rule three
    4.Swearing is allowed in moderation, don't be annoying about it
    5.Have fun with it!
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  2. Classic. Like it.
  3. OMG I READ A BOOK LIKE THIS xD Im totes in
  4. Sign me up :)
  5. Ooo what was the book called?
  6. I'm glad you guys like the idea. It doesn't surprise me that there is a book about this kind of situation. I'll have more information about the back round up soon, I'm really excited that there's interest.
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  7. Got my interest
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  8. Not usually one for high school stuff, but this looks interesting.
  9. Woo another person yay
  10. I'm working on a possible banner and an ooc. Sorry I haven't been around the thread much, I've been kind of busy.

    Speaking of a banner, any ideas for what it should look like?
  11. Snow with blood on it in kinda a gothic scary way.
  12. Ok, I'll take that into consideration. I was thinking of maybe getting a picture of buffalo NY and their ridiculous amount of snow.
  13. This seems interesting, I want to join
  14. I don't usually do HS, but I've been craving a survival RP. I'm in.
  15. This caught my eye, count me in! ^,^
  16. Interested!
  17. Definitely interested.
  18. You got my attention with this one. I want in.
  19. High School stuff usually isn't my cup of tea, but this seems interesting enough. Count me in!
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