Snow Fallen Zombies

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  1. I guess I should put this up when My friend and I Put together the little intro we worked out side of this Forum.

    Basic Rp survival of Undead but with a twist of snow. We're trapped inside of a Police Department and people can join at any time, but I ask you to ask me to invite you first because I made it "Private."

    Standerd rules:
    1:) No uber Characters
    2:) No god modding
    3:) Keep the Rp Realistic
    4:) Nothing like over powered iteams
    5:) If you want to be a zombie, you have to ask me

    Most zombies will be NPC'ed by me.

    Character outline's are as fallowed:

    Name(First;Last. Middle opsional):
    Age group(What age you look):
    Occupasion before Outbreack:
    Dis/abilities(What you can and can't do):

    Posting Order:

    1st): Natasha - (Steph)

    I need a Natasha, a main character who is Mark's (My Character) partner at the Police department. Any other Police Officers will be NPC'ed by me unless you want your character to be one. Military Officers are limited to (2) Character(s). I will read your Character outlines and see if they might fit inside of the story I have in mind. I've read some of the posts on here and I'm sure you guys can come up with some good ones.
  2. I can play as Natasha, If I can join. And some question's I have. Do you have some story for Natasha or how do you want her to look? How old do you want her to be? Or I can make her how I want to?
  3. Natasha is kind hearted, sweet and nurtering when she wants to be. She's a Sargent at the Police Stasion and has been partners with Mark for about a mounth now. But, both Nat and Mark knew eachother before the Accademy, they go way back. When they were kids, Nat used to pick on Mark because of his Irish accent, she still picks on him for it. The rest is up to you to deside, put up her character informasion and I'll read it over.
  4. Ok Ill make the character sheet in a few minutes or maybe and hour you will have to wait a little :P
  5. Good ^^ I would enjoy reading it while I eat dinner.
  6. Name: Natasha Romanoff :D

    Age: 21 (Almost 22)

    Sex: Female

    Occupasion before Outbreack: Police Officer. Partner with Mark, she knows that Mark likes her but she sees him like her little brother.

    Dis/abilities: She is trained in weapon using mainly pistols and rifles. Can disassemble weapons and can putt them back together. Is trained in close comabt fighting and is better with her fists and kicks then her weapons. She is very agile, but not that strong, she uses her agility to dodge attacks. And her problems are her headaches. They appeared recently and there are no dovtors now that she can get help from, they sometiems appear when she is fighting and can get hurt cuz of them.

    Apperance: Jill+Valentine+-+Wetsuit.jpg
  7. I'd like to join
  8. @Nikk: I like the last name, the apperance... And the fact is, Nat doesn't see Mark as a crush, more or less her little brother. If anything, Mark has a crush on her. All in all, I like the Dis/abilities, just work on your spelling, You can take your time with each post and if you have enough time to spell correctly, do so. ^^ Other then that, You're good to go.
  9. @XxStephxX: Make your OC based off of the outline I gave above.
  10. Ok sorry for my spelling my firdt langyage isnt english so Im not that good and its very late in my countrie and Im tired.
    Ok I edit my char.
  11. @Nikk: T^T Sorry, I ment no disrespct. All i was implying was that you should take your time when posting on the Actual Rp forum, Here i don't care if you spell a word wrong.
  12. Oh no need to be sorry I was just saying and Ill try my best when the rp starts
  13. Me and a freind of mine were working on this off of this forum, so we allready had an intro between us. We pusted our little starter of 10-15 posts and all we need now is Characters to survive with us. Right now we have to go over events that happen from hence forth when characters begin to add up.
  14. Name: Amy Hatsune

    Age group: Teen( 15- 18 )

    Actual age: 16

    Sex: Female

    Occupation before outbreak: Undercover Japanese terrorist

    Dis/abilities: A professionaly with firearms, flexible, good reflexes and accuracy. Horrible in close combat due to her small size. Fails in most close combat action.

    apperance: 00000000000000.jpg

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  15. Oh and if we cant find a way to fit her into the story i was thinking that she had been recently detained after a failed terrorist attack and was being held at the jail
  16. We need more male Characters, So far there are 3 females and only one male. If people want more then one role i do not mind, the most we can fit is 5-6, a good sized number for surviving a Zombie outbreack.
  17. @XxStephxX: I dont think the Japanese would have anything to do with terrorism. The closest thing they have to a military force would have to be their Self-Defeance Force... but terrorist groups are known to pop up for unknown reasons... Ok, I'll let you keep the Characterm just as long as it could cause some kind of conflict in the story.
  18. Okay, and I can change the japanese thing if you ever wantme to >.<

    And if enough ppl don't join I'll do a male aswell.
  19. I have a good idea on how Your character can meet up with ours, Mark and Teur. Perhaps your char runs out into the middle of the street to flag me down, to stop me. Just an idea ^//^ ;
  20. Yes, and then make mark stop arresting her. xD